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Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch)

presentation on mgmt book for PR ADMIN

rachael brice

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch)

Presented by:
Rachael Brice You're a Big Girl
Now Responsible for yourself
and team? The Big Picture First Impressions
and Personality Tests Employees are only as good as you select & develop them
Interviewing? Ask lots of questions and get a second opinion
Work out expectations of new employee
Get opinion of current employees
New employees NEED mentors
Take charge of a new team? Listen to what they say. Assess and evaluate from afar; identify leader
Set up one-on-one meetings
Be honest There is never enough training
Biggest mistake among women managers, they try to be LIKED.
Personal problems DO NOT belong in the work place
Team problems= your problems
create positive relationships EARLY
Live in constant fear of expectations that have been set
Most important role- putting team together and keeping them in line
Communication is KEY; check in regularly 1. Create a to-do list 12. Stick up for yourself
2. Set goals 13. Don't take things personally
3. Stick to deadlines 14. Don't forget to network
4. Keep your word 15. Find a mentor
5. Get it in writing
6. Be proactive about everything you do
7. Treat your aspect of business like an entrepreneur
8. Contribute to the team
9. Think big picture
10. Be your own cheerleader
11. Sell your accomplishments to those above you
Situational Leadership: right girl-right place- right time
Direct, coach, support & delegate
Differentiate among "young and eagers", "get rid of 'ems", "competent but needies" and "superstars"
Constantly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
Do NOT place blame
Good role model? Employees must SEE you not just HEAR you First impression is made in 30 seconds; THAT'S ALL
Things to control in those 30 seconds:
Eye contact
Hand shake
Know yourself and your team:
Extrovert vs. Introvert
Sensing vs. Intuition
Thinking vs. Feeling
Judging vs. Perceiving
Team Building The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch)
By: Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio Expectations From you:
Clear vision
Divide up work load equally From them:
Deadlines met
GOOD work
Don't Try This
at Work Fake it until you make it
Earn respect of your staff
Standards for you are HIGHER than those for your team
Lead by example
Female employees stick up for themselves
Keep track of employee work
Review expectations and directions clearly
Communicate. Motivate. Celebrate. Communicate in a positive way.
Develop short and long-term goals
Show appreciation and earn goodwill
Training classes
Acknowledge birthdays
Praise in front of team
Unexpected rewards
Team lunch Delegate and Evaluate Delegating: assigning tasks
The road to learning is doing
Treat & value employees as individuals
Criticize in private and praise publicly
What are employee motivations?
Set goals need to be achievable
Evaluations are learning experiences
How often to evaluate your team?
Back up statements with examples
Balance criticism with good news
Outline disciplinary points before hand as to stay on track during meeting Advice Don't date in the workplace
Don't gossip; keep your mouth shut
Put it in writing
Blog or posted comments about bad boss experiences= FIRED
Tell the TRUTH
Use your manners
Mistake? Say you're sorry!
Dress code? Learn it!
To read or
not to read? For any young woman looking to become a boss, leader or manager, I would highly recommend reading this book. It is full of valuable information and examples of real life problems various women have had in their careers working with bad bi*ch bosses. It teaches lessons, what to do and not to do in certain situations and tells stories reader's will associate with on any level. It is a fast and easy read and one that will not be easily forgotten.
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