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To Kill A Mockingbird

No description

Elinore Hendrickson

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper writes “I examined my loot. The gum looked fresh. I sniffed it and it smelled alright. I licked it and waited awhile. When I did not die, I crammed it into my mouth:
Wrigley’s Double Mint,” (33). Scout was the recipient of the first gift of the tree. To her, it was just fate that brought it to her, and she thought nothing of the fact that it was from the
Radley’s yard until Jem yelled at her.

Letter to Dill
Over the course of the book, Scout’s relationship with Dill changed a lot. When she first met him, she thought him a “curiosity”. But soon she liked him, and they decided they would be married when they were old enough. Within a year, she was sure he’d forgotten, until he kissed her. She finds out later, through letters and Dill running away, that his home life is far from perfect. The book makes it sound like he lives for the summers he spends with Jem and Scout.

Pants on a Fence
Jem’s story about going back to retrieve his pants, only to find them sewn up and folded, sparks Scout’s curiosity. Between her hearing a laugh when she rolled into the Radley yard in a tire, Miss Maudie’s skepticism about Boo being evil, and someone putting a blanket on her, Scout is beginning to think that maybe Boo Radley isn’t what people think. One mightn't think of the pants on the fence as a turning point, but it was definitely a cause for thought about Boo.
The Yarn Ball and the Pocket Watch
Aunt Alexandria's Bags
Aunt Alexandria arriving affected many characters, but Scout above all. She wanted to force Jean Louise to wear dresses and sew and drink tea, but Scout wanted to wear overalls and play with Jem and Scout. Mostly, her aunt made her father and Calpurnia treat her different.
Camelia Flower
The whole incident
Jem and Mrs. Dubose basically
Scout. Jem had been keeping a
level head about
all the abuse from people about Atticus, but he just snapped. Scout didn't understand, since she hadn't been being calm about the insults.
Mad Dogs and Atticus' Mad Skills
When the rabid dog shows up, Scout and Jem tell Calpurnia, and she tells everyone. Up until this point, Scout had been afraid of Calpurnia, and thought her just a mean old lady. But she calls everyone, and runs and tells those she can’t call. So she was unexpectedly responsible, and Scout learned to respect her more.
Hand on A Bible
For Scout, growing up a christian, she couldn't imagine anyone lying while under oath. Between that, and not understanding how court worked, she was confused as to why Jem was so frustrated with Mayella's story.
o Kill A Mockingbird
Photo Album From Scout's Perspective
by Elinore H.
Feet in Treehouse
When she was younger, Scout spent a lot of time with Jem and Dill, in their treehouse. But as Jem got older, he didn’t play with her as often, and instead dragged Dill to play with him, so Scout was left alone. She had to occupy herself, so she’d talk to Miss Maudie or just play by herself.

Gum in Tree
These were two of the items found in the tree. Finding the treasures in the tree was more magical for Scout, as she was only 7 or 8. When the tree knot was suddenly filled, her magical gifts were
suddenly gone without explanation. So again, Scout had reason to ponder Boo Radley.
The Secret Life of Atticus Finch
Rocking Chair with Tea and Book
Miss Caroline: a peppermint candy and a book
Scout With a Blanket
Tea Party/Tom Robinson's Death
Jar Full of Change
When Jem and Scout went to church with Calpurnia, they were surprised to see all the members giving coins to a fund for Tom Robinson's family. With their own church, consisting of white people, they hadn't seen such direct charity, especially not for black person.
As far as Scout knows, Atticus is a old lame duck, who doesn't play football against the Methodists, and occasionally accepts cases that ruin his reputation. But she finds out the he was "the deadest shot in Maycomb County", and he's actually got some pretty cool talents.
For all of Scout's life, she's been used to Atticus reading in his rocking chair, every night, after dinner. It was a staple in her life, ergo it's being included in this photo album.
The ridiculous literature and the sickly sweet attitude are represented by the text and the peppermint candy. It also helps that Scout likens her to a peppermint drop in the book.
This event does two things for Scout: it makes Aunt Alexandria like her more, for wearing dress and talking like a lady. And it makes Scout like Aunt Alexandria more, since she shows a bit of heart.
This event is another part that makes Scout wonder about Boo. Boo seems to like Scout and Jem more than he likes society as a whole.
At the beginning of the book, Scout seems like only a little girl
who follows her brother around, occasionally getting into trouble, and evading the family cook. But once Dill shows up, her life routine changes slowly. Jem doesn’t make her play parts that Dill can play, and their games start to change. They pursue Boo Radley, trying to get him to come out, to talk,and this is when he really notices the kids. This is also when Scout begins to like Dill.
As Scout begins to go to school, she starts to learn more about
the world, and also has to beat up Cecil few times. People are mistreating her because her dad is defending Tom Robinson. It doesn't seem to bother Jem, and Atticus yells at her for fighting. Despite his wishes, she punches Francis.
By the time Aunt Alexandria has arrived, Scout has become much
more fascinated about the Boo Radley mystery. And more bewildered about the Tom Robinson case.
It all comes to a head when Boo rescues Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell. Suddenly, everything Scout thought about Boo is proven or disproven.
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