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Riders to the Sea

No description

Hanna Mansour

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Riders to the Sea

John Milington Synge
The Aran islands.

Thank you
The author and the Irish theater.
One act play.
Riders to the Sea
J. M. Synge
The struggle can be clear in the following quotes:

‘ Isn’t it a hard and cruel man
won’t hear a word from an old woman,
and she holding him from the sea’

‘There all gone now, and there isn’t
anything more the sea can do to me’

Maurya Vs. the sea.

The rider Bartley who must ride through
the sea to sell the horses as a way for living

Maruya who becomes sea’s direct antagonist
by trying to prevent Bartley from going.

The human opponents in the play are on 2 levels:
The Conflict between Maurya and
the sea can end only in her bitter
acknowledgment of defeat in
the final scene:

At a broader condition it’s a struggle between :

Man Vs. Death
Man Vs. Nature
A cottage in Irishman.
Universality of setting.
Suffering and loss
Individual Vs. society
The power of the sea
The giver and taker of life
Cathelen and Nora
The islanders
The industrial revolution
The Bread
Holy Water
Purification  and
It maintain the three unities:
“ What more can we want
than that? No man at all
can be living for ever,
and we must be satisfied ’’
The unity of action.
The unity of place.
The unity of time.
Unity of effects
Muhammad Qutb
The Method of Islamic Art
Considers the Irish
playwright John Synge's 
Riders to the Sea as
 paradigmatic of the pious
aesthetic principles
because it matches the
Islamic view of art.

Synge wrote plays about character
where originals in life talked poetically,
so that he could make them talk poetry
and remain real people.
T. S. Eliot
One_ act Play
‘A slice of life’
A microcosm
An old Aran fisher-woman.
Greek word “ moria”
Loses her six sons, husband
and her husband’s father
from the ravages of the sea.
The change of attitude.
The youngest of six sons
Earns income by riding horses
Ignores his mother’s request
His mother foretells his death
He dies !
Cathelen and Nora
The older daughter
Sympathizes with her brother’s need
Maurya: If it was a hundred horses, or a thousand horses, you had itself, what is the price of a thousand horses against a son where there is one son only !
It's the life of a young man to be going on the sea, and who would listen to an old woman with one thing and she saying it over?
Dealing with practical details
Affirmed the death of Micheal
The young daughter
Minor function
Bartely's brother .
He was drowned in the sea nine days ago.
Buried in the distant north.
In the big world the old people do be leaving things after them for their sons and children, but in this place it is the young man do be leaving things behind for them that do be old !
The sea
The most impressive character.
It is never off the stage.
Ranged against the weak.
Was born April 16, 1871
He was first urged to go to the Aran Islands by W. B. Yeats.
He put most of his energy into the study of the piano, violin, and flute.
At the start of the 17th century.
In the early days of its history political purposes.
At the beginning of the 20th century, theatres and theatre companies dedicated to the staging of Irish plays .
Irish Theatre
Presented by:
Hanaa Mansour
Aya Thabit.
Faten El_ Khaldi.
Submitted to :
Dr. Mahmoud Baroud
Drama Course
"When the sun rises"
Using a pun:
Personal point of view :
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