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Raymond D'souza

No description

Lynn D'souza

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Raymond D'souza

Raymond D'souza
Personal Statement
God Has endowed me with a sound knowledge of music and building a good raport and relationship with people, which is why i would love to use these talents to benefit me and more importantly the company i am working with.

Educational Qualifications:
Diploma in Technical Studies from Father Agenl’s Ploy technique, Bandra (1975)
Senior Cambridge, Mond De Giri High School, Parra, Goa (1970)

Relevant Experience
Show Room Manager at Music Centre ,Dubai,U.A.E. for 21 years
Head Sales Person and Client servicing Representative at Music Center.
Rayz Sound DJ & sound 10 yrs (Retro Music)
Manager of the Band Gemini 4 and now the Female vocalist Lynn D'souza.
Heading sales for Bang and olufsen, the exclusive agency for U.A.E.
Management of Complete sales and distribution and after sales service.

U.A.E Representative
Gemini 4
Manager of the Band Gemini 4 that were the top wedding Band that covered The Shadows , Cliff Richards & the Beatles at the time.
Music Advisor to the band, giving them a Sound list of music that suited the clientel.
He is currently the manager of Lynn Rhea D'souza ,his only Daughter who took after his love for music and is has been guided in to the Music Scene today through him.
Lynn has experience doing backing vocals for M Tv Coke Studio Season 2 on two Episodes With Ehsan Loy and Clinton Cerejo.
Presently she does Recordings for Advertising Jingles.
She does Wedding Gigs,Private Shows and corporate gigs
Lynn Rhea D'souza

35 years of solid Experience
Great Speaking skills (salesmanship)
Excellent Knowledge and Trivia of music
Music consultant (Retro Music)
Excellent Relationship Management skills (Clients)

Strengths & skills
Client servicing & Sales
Adviser for all kinds of musical instruments of various brands like fender Ibanez,Yamaha ,etc
Sound equipment consultant for all equipment. (Vox, Fender,Peavey,etc)
Adviser and Sales Head for All Musical LPs, Cds ,Video tapes and cassetes.

Band Manager
Band Manager
20 yrs
Rayz Sound
DJ and quality sound for private functions for 10 years in Mumbai with a premium and dirrerent set of musicof Retro Music.
His set of music was Verastile and always planned with Target Audience in mind.
"Every Experience is an opportunity to Learn and Grow"
Land line- 02224456806
Email id-contactraymonddsouza@gmail.com
Thank You For your Time !
Looking forward to working with you.
Born-23rd January 1954
Current location-Mumbai
Experience-30 years
Post - Manager
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