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Manage IT - Process Modules ver 3.0

Process Modules

Manage IT Systems Plus

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Manage IT - Process Modules ver 3.0

Flow Charts Kick off show Inside Process Modules RACI Matrix Narratives Identifies the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved within a process Process Flowchart Graphical representation of the activities to be performed in the process Regulatory & Compliance Standards Improved Project Management IT Asset Management & Procurement Improved IT Operations Better ROI on IT Investments Process Modules About Process Modules…. Follows best practices and methodologies such as COBIT, ITIL, RUP and PMI frameworks Consists of standardized IT processes which are:
Ready to use
Functional across departments Part of the Group A team of robust processes to achieve your business goals With the invention of new technologies, exponential growth among organisations & increasing competition… Do you have right IT processes in place delivering right solution? Does your IT solution satisfy customer requirements? Are your IT goals aligned with business goals? Do your IT services meet service level targets? Are your projects, incidents & problems efficiently managed? Are your IT assets & services safe & secure? Is your organization compliant to IT standards? Provides a formal approach for handling issues & implementing solution Formulates IT to support organizational needs For each process, there exists a corresponding Process Flowchart, Narrative & RACI that provides detailed information on what needs to be done, how to do it and who needs to do it. Detailed information about activities performed in the process 01 Manage Business Continuity 06 Manage Partners 02 Manage Changes 08 Manage Releases 07 Manage Projects 04 Manage IT Procurement 10 Manage Strategy 09 Manage Security 05 Manage Operations 11 Manage Support 03 Manage Governance Starting Line up for Process Modules 01 Manage Business Continuity Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Assists organizations maintain a business-as-usual environment, in good times and challenging ones, through processes that proactively measure the availability of IT infrastructure and resources, and work to ensure optimal utilization of those resources not just in the present but in the foresee-able future as well Availability Management Capacity Management Service Continuity Management Efficient use of existing IT resources Reduced maintenance & down time Envisioned IT services meet service level targets Increased existing value of IT services Contact Us Manage Projects Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Feasibility & Approval Scope & Planning Requirement Analysis & Design Testing Training & Go - Live Preparation Go - Live Project Closure Project Change Control Project Portfolio Management Lower risk of unexpected costs & project cancellations Maximum contribution towards IT – enabled investments Improved communications Provides a streamlined route to the successful achievement of any project via four fundamental steps: Plan, Prepare, Proceed and Pursue and ensures that IT solutions deliver the desired business value. Enhanced value & quality of project deliverables 08 Manage Releases Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Provides a complete guide for successful deployment of new IT releases and ensures that the new software solutions are adaptable by the organization. Efficiently handling of high volumes of requests for release Identify & analyze failures encountered during the release Trained resources for effective release & deployment New / changed IT services meets the business requirements Evaluation Release and Deployment Transition Planning and Support Aligning IT goals with Business goals Risk Mitigation and IT Security Manage IT provides you with a set of Process Modules that assists you & achieve your organisational goals… to tackle these questions & Many more... 02 Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Assists organizations in managing IT-related changes and ensures that new implied changes to IT services are as expected Manage Changes New / changed IT service supports business requirements Reduction in time required to implement change Risk mitigation due to poorly managed changes Change Management Service Validation & Testing 03 Manage Governance Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Establishes a clear connection between business focus and IT management of the organization and ensures that the organization's IT works in unity with the business goals Business IT Alignment Monitor & Evaluate Organizational Change Management Policy Creation & Communication IT goals aligned with business objectives Accountability & monitoring of IT performance Updated, approved & communicated IT policies Successfully implemented organizational changes Provides organizations with a complete solution that addresses the myriad facets impacting the procurement of an IT solution, such as technical support, product comparisons, etc. 04 Manage IT Procurement Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Acquire & Maintain Application Software &Technology Infrastructure Acquired IT solutions meets established business requirements Consistent software & technology support for business requirements Timely & cost-effective process for development of IT solutions Manage Operations Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Accurate identification, information & control across all IT assets & service asset providers Reduced investments Identify & resolve failures within configuration items Oversees the day-to-day operations in an organization from configuring IT services into the existing environment to maintaining daily logs that ensure details are captured for future references. Event Management IT Operations Service Asset & Configuration Management Request Fulfillment 05 06 Manage Partners Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Simplifies the task of managing contracts and IT service provided by external vendors through well established communication channels and information flow between organization and the suppliers. Contract Management Service Level Management Supplier Management Suppliers perform to the targets contained within contracts IT services provided meet the needs of the business Consistent & professional measurement of IT services & their performance Efficient management of contracts & IT services 07 09 Manage Security Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Assists organizations in managing all aspects of information security and protecting organization’s information and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. Diminishes likelihood of errors in data Raises awareness for the need of information security Assures business operations and their objectives are secured Prevents disorganized implementation of information security measures Access Management Information Security Management 11 Manage Support Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Provides reasonable assurance that IT related problems and incidents are appropriately responded, recorded and resolved for an appropriate solution. It also ensures that organisational information / data is appropriately cataloged, published and shared. Efficiently handle IT related incidents & problems Maintain accurate & relevant knowledge base Proactive prevention of problems Reduces time to resolve incidents Incident Management Problem Management Knowledge Management Making sure the show always goes on Progress is our ability to change Ensuring IT and Business work together Getting the right IT solutions Everyday heroes Surround your business with partners who empower growth Right game plan for IT projects The route to smooth transitions Providing security cost-effectively Assists organizations to set objectives and expectations of performance towards serving customers and market spaces, and to identify, select, and prioritize opportunities. 10 Manage Strategy Expertise (Processes) Trophies (Benefits) Demand Management Financial Management IT Capability Management IT Portfolio Management IT Strategy Planning Effective alignment of technological infrastructure to business objectives Assessment & prioritization of incoming requests based on existing capabilities Well established IT standards and policies to support overall organizational goals Improved financial investments based on analysis of business benefits to be derived Mission Optimization Enhancing your IT services efficiently GOAL.... Benefits... Build a strong team of proccesses through Manage IT' Process Modules... that helps you achieve your organisational goals s
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