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01_ARC 103_Week 01- Drawing Standards

No description

robert alexander

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of 01_ARC 103_Week 01- Drawing Standards

exterior wall 1.5 pts
(no hatch)

floor patterns .1 pts

Windows and furniture .25 pts

make sure put a nice north arrow like this one.
and graphic scale like this one
use the colors or the layers to select all lines of the same color
change the weight and then change the color
move the heaviest lines to the top of the display order
make sure to "make 2d"
you cannot export a rhino file and have it show up in illustrator without flattening it.

you can export selection to "scale" using the export options.
make sure to double check your math with the
rulers in illustrator.

the sheet shown is 18 X 24- this is a good size of paper to print at ...unless your house is huge.
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