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Emily Claire =)

No description

Emily Sauer

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Emily Claire =)

Emily Claire
In Real Life
Including Secrets =) !!!Secrets!!! April 15 2010 4/15/2010 Today was horible!! My mom just told me about my best friend Maddy's b-day, and she has known sence Tuesday!!!! She was going to wait till she found out if my other best friend Ally's mom could take me but she can't. So now i have to stay home and eat pizza with my family. Like i wouldn't like to be shopping at Concord Mills (wich is a very very big mall) So ya i'm mad at my mom !!!!
Your author,
Emily Sauer E Emily here. There is SO much Drama today, yesterday i went to Ravens knob with my Team (class) the Pharous!! On the way i was texting Allyson and her friend Jazzmine started texting me on her phone.
She was like: This is "Jazzy". Stop Txxting Herr. Get It? Good.
Then i was like: Make Me!!
Then this really made me mad!!!: She Doesn't Even Like You! Do Youu Get That? Can'tt Youu See She Uses "."'s? (i have no idea what that means i'm gussing it means you) So Talk To Me And Her When Youu Can Learn How To Say Things Normail. Byeee(:
How stupid was that!?!? And today Ally was trying to apologize, i forgave her of corse!!! But then my friend Hannah Starts to Cry because a girl named Dani was there when ally apologized and we didn't want Hannah there to and Dani was. So she startes to CRY over nothing so me and Kyra eventually help her stop crying, and after that she says "I hate Drama!!!" and then I say "Drama they say they hate it but they create it!!" That is so true!!!
Your wonderful author,
Emily Claire Best Friends
Hannah S.
Photos =) Words To Live By: Life isn't about Waiting for the Storm to pass, it's about Learning to Dance in the Rain. Questions ? How is a Raven like a writing Desk? FILE: EMIlY CLAIRE
Alice in Wonderland
Twilight Saga: Ecipce FAVORITE SHOW:
Victorious Allyson likes Dalton!!
Do Not Tell Anyone!!! To dream anything that you want to dream. That's the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed. - Bernard Edmonds April 16 2010 Today is maddys birthday party and i still cant go. But nether can Ally so we agread that later this year the tree of us will go shopping together at Concord Mills ten we will stay at the Embacy Hotel, and we will do everything that she did at her birthday party. So it will be like a b-day party just with Me, Maddy, And Ally. No one else, and that is the way we like it!!

Emily Claire A good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be. - Unknown Im so anoyed!!! Aaron, Chris, Walter,Jacob, and Bailey are so stupid! They keep saying Hudson Sauer, Hudson Sauer, Hudson Sauer, over and over again. I hate them and if you were me you would be to.They hate me and i hate them. All my friends say they are just jealous but i think they are just stupid and mean!!!

Emily Claire

If you agree cicle YES or NO YES NO FILE: Kyra Kyra: Is a wonderful friend and compleatly craxy! ;)
But sometimes she is very smart and very loyal.
IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS I also had soccer practice i love soccer practice it is so fun. First Darcie tries to put her long hair up into a high ponitail like Hannah but it ended up in a bun on top of her head. She looked like Sidney Loo Hoo! It was hilarious!! I <3 My Team!

Emily Claire Let your Kindness HEAL thoose who SUFFER, Let your STRENGHT FIGHT against all that is ubjust, Let your BLAZING STAR PASSION take your down new paths, and when the CICLE BRINGS you BACK you WILL be HOME. FILE: Maddy Maddy is a wonderful person and one of my best friends.
no one can help but smile arownd her. I cant even stay arownd her without smiling or laughting!!
I love Maddy FILE: Allyson Ally is crazy and one of my best friends.She is silly but will keep anyones secrets. If she doesn't forget them!
I <3 Allyson
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