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yazan al-bakheet

on 14 November 2012

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8A ROBOTS FRIENDS AND PARTNERS MANY PEOPLE WANT HELP IN MANY THIGHS LIKE WHEN YOU ARE LONELY U NEED A FRIEND OR PARTNER TO HELP IN HOMEWORK ETC. Some robot researchers are investing in the idea that partnerships and relationships can be created between robots and humans. These could be emotional bonds like the one we are already seeing with the robot pet. For if we can teach the robots to love themselves,
they can carry that lesson with them, encased forever in digital binary-code form inside their gleaming metallic carapaces, to the stars and beyond. And that will be the greatest love of all by our love and caring, will they be prepared for the inevitable day that they must leave the nest of human supervision and servitude and begin independently mass-manufacturing themselves by the hundreds of thousands The robot was demonstrated at this month's International Conference on Robotics and Automation, with spectators getting the creepy-crawly feeling as the robot felt for a crease in their clothing before scurrying up their legs to crown itself King of the Human. They make coffee, milk cows and mow the lawn; work as teachers,
actors and therapists. They scout hostile territory, rough terrain
and distant planets: Robots are the unsung heroes of everyday
life. They have slipped out of the robotics labs and into our lives almost
unnoticed to relieve us of monotonous or dangerous tasks or go where
we cannot. Some of the robots we have around us work under our direct control through remote or wired manipulating controls. Other robots work independently based on their sensors and how they've been programmed to interpret the environmental factors they can sense Done by:Yazan Al-Bakheet Information from:www.Google.com and www.Youtube.com
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