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Harrison M250

No description

Charlie Jerome

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Harrison M250

What is it?
Undertaking Maintenance
The overall maintenance of the lathe is carried out by Bryan Ruby the Senior Technician of the engineering department in Kingston College.
Chris Pickles, the Resource Manager, oversees the maintenance and ensures it is done correctly and on time.
Day to day cleaning is performed by any students who have used the lathe at the end of everyday.
Maintenance Procedures
Maintenance Procedures
In order to align the saddle strips, tail stockbed clamps, cross-slide and top-slide correctly refer to the manual for the correct settings. This allows for the cutting piece to accurately turn down the work piece and ensure even cuts, in order to meet the tight tolerances of the job.

Ensure that the emergency brake is correctly adjusted and stops the machine instantly when pressed. The changewheel shear pin should be checked to ensure it isn't damaged, to provide protection against accidental overload.
Maintenance Procedures
The vee belts that are used to run the chuck need to be adjusted periodically to remove any slack that may be present for this to be achieved the gearbox casing needs to be removed and the tensioning screws tightened to make correct adjustments against a straight edge.
Harrison M250
280mm - 11in swing centre lathe
The Harrison M250 Lathe was put into production in 1992 and was intended for the educational industry. Its compact size makes it the perfect lathe for people who have never used a lathe before. The chuck is driven by a single phase motor which runs between 52 and 2000 rpm. The power is transferred between the motor and chuck via a vee belt.
Brush away swarf, trefolex and any foreign objects from the chip pan. Remove all debris from slideways to allow proper lubrication and movement. Clean surrounding areas to prevent trips and slips.

Fill oil chambers of the headstock, gearbox and apron to a sufficient level on their sight glasses. Replenish main oil tank and check that the lubrication knob system operates efficiently.
Using a grease gun lubricate the cross-slide nut, dials and changewheel stud using their respective oil nipples.
Maintenance Procedures
Gearbox condition:
Gearbox casing should be removed, and the condition of all the internals gears inspected for excessive wear and replaced if necessary.

Spindle Bearing:
Assess condition of bearing, ensure enough grease is present for effective operation, if at an inadequate level manually pack with grease.
Potential Predictive Maintenance Procedures
High Speed Camera - Can be used to assess the vibration present in the spindle bearing, allowing you to set a preventive maintainance schedule for re-packing the bearing.
Thermal Imaging Camera - Can be used to asses the heat produced by friction of contact between moving parts allowing for a lubrication schedule to be produced.
Tools & Test Equipment
General Tools:
-Ball Pin Hammer
-Pin Punch Set
-Open Ended Spanners
-Adjustable Spanners
-Mole Grips
-Allen Key Set

Test Equipment:
-DTI Gauge

Lubrication Equipment:
-Oil Gun
-Grease Gun
Maintenance Documentation & Administrative Support
To assist in the undertaking of the maintenance,documentation including the: lathe manual; preventative maintenance checklist and manufacturers assistance can be obtained.
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