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The Effect of Bromelain on Gelatin

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Victoria Espinoza

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of Bromelain on Gelatin

The Effect of Bromelain on Gelatin
Because of the collagen in gelatin
and the bromelain in pineapples, I think that the bowl containing room temperature pineapple will not set at all because the enzyme will be functioning properly.
: temperature of pineapple

: Gelatin being affected by pineapple of different temperatures

: amount of water in gelatin mixture, container holding gelatin (glass bowls), time in refrigerator
Prediction cont.
But, I do believe that the bowls containing heated and frozen pineapple will set because the extreme temperatures will likely denature the enzymes, allowing the gelatin to set properly.
Gelatin gets its structure from
a protein called collagen.
Pineapples contain bromelain,
which is an enzyme that digests
proteins. Bromelain becomes
denatured at around 158
degrees Fahrenheit.

Make four different batches of
gelatin. Each will contain four
cups of water. In the first bowl,
add nothing. In the second, add
ten pieces of pineapple at room
temperature. In the third
bowl, add ten pieces of
pineapple that have been heated in
the microwave for two minutes.
For the fourth, add ten pieces of
frozen pineapple. Put all four bowls
in the refrigerator for six hours and
then measure how much liquid is left
after the six hour period is up.
In conclusion, the gelatin will not set if room temperature pineapple and frozen pineapple are added to it. The bowl without pineapple and the bowl with heated pineapple did set. The heated pineapple did not keep the gelatin from setting because the heat from the microwave denatured the bromelain. I originally thought that the frozen pineapple would be denatured as well because of the temperature, but bromelain is only denatured at a temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit. So even though the pineapple is frozen, the enzyme still works. Does the enzyme still work in canned pineapples?
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