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Game Genres

No description

H Johnston

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Game Genres

Game Genres
Genres are categories of different games. For example, arcade, platform, puzzle, simulator ect.
Game Controls
There are many game controlers. Some examples are wii remotes, touch screen, mouse and keyboard joystick, and a joypad.To control these is really simple, for most of these all you need to do is use the controls and press the buttons to play the game.For the touch screen you just need to tap the screen in order to move the character on the game.
Platform Games
Mario is an example of a platform game.
Platform games have a main character to jump between platforms .At one point, platform games were the most popular genre of video game.
In many platform games the challenge is to get through the level and avoid the obstacles along the way. You need to collect coins to gain points.
Sonic is also an example of a platform game
For the motion sensor the game senses of you move the remote. It controls the motion of an object in the game.
The oculus rift is an extremily modern and popular virtual reality headset.
Controls which you use to move in the game
Computer mouse
Ewelina Antoszczak
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