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Abraham Lincoln

No description

Rachel Post

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln March 1860 Illinois Debate 1860 Election Confederate States of America Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant Civil War Hodgenville, Kentucky Thomas Lincoln Nancy Hanks Abraham Lincoln Sarah Lincoln Mary Todd Robert Todd Lincoln Edward Baker Lincoln William Wallace Lincoln Thomas Lincoln Indiana Lawyer Legislature Representative Stephan A. Douglas Senate Election That useful instrument "The Lincoln State" Confederate Flag Civil War Battles Begin Fort Sumter First shots of the war Surrendered eventually Battles Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Chickamauga
Battle of Spotsylvania
Battle of Cold Harbor
Battle of Antietam Spotsylvania Antietam Emancipation Proclmation January 1, 1862 Effects: Slaves could join war Slaves were free from south Britain and France make alliance with Union Fall of Confederacy January, 1865 Blockade Surrender April 9, 1869 Robert Lee Ulysses Grant Gettysburg Address New York Assasination John Wilkes Booth Though not having much education, Abraham Lincoln brought this country through a great devastation. As many people called him “Honest Abe,” he carried on his truth about supporting the Union. Slaves are now forever free, and the United States is one again.
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