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3D Design- Mirror

Our presentation, showing the design process from inspiration to final prototype model.

Becky Gilbanks

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of 3D Design- Mirror

Mirror Kettle Reflective Ergonomic Pouring feature Aesthetic Shape Botton function Bullet Shape Ergonomic Mirror Artist Inspiration FRANCISCO INFANTE ARANA Franciso's work has inspired us to think of our material as less of a product for everyday use, and more towards the art and sculpture world. His project entitled 'Mirrors' is all about optical illusions. MICHEL DE BROIN Michel de broin created the rock, a sculpture set deep in the woods. Dubbed 'Superficial', it looks like a giant boulder covered in mirrors. This is something that has inspired our sculptural creation idea. Jeppe Hein Keeping a mininal aesthetic allows the true concepts of Hein's work to emerge. Not all of his work, just like the other artists we have explored, use mirrors, however they enjoy exploring it and seeing what illusions and interesting ideas can be created. Inspirational pieces Sculpture Sketches Models Final Design http://www.showchina.org/en/Gallery/Culture/200802/t150625.htm http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2009/05/26/francisco-infante-arana/ http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2009/05/26/francisco-infante-arana/
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