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7.02 Respiratory and Circulatory

No description

Ashley Ellis

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of 7.02 Respiratory and Circulatory

7.02 Respiratory and Circulatory
By Ashley Ellis 2/23/15
Hi I am Red Blood Cell. I am showing you my adventure throughout a body!
Okay first let me tell what and where I am and who and what I do. I have something called hemoglobin on me, which attracts the oxygen in the body that I use to carry throughout the body. More than half of the blood is plasma, and plasma is 90 percent water. There are nutrients, hormones, and minerals in the plasma itself. I have a lifespan about three to four months and replaced by new ones made in the bone marrow. Also with me are White blood cells that defend against germs and Platelets to help blood clot when my master gets injured.
I am going to start out in the heart. The Septum separates the heart's left and ride side; in other words the deoxygenated blood from the oxygenated blood. The heart is divided into four chambers known as the left and right ventricle and the left and right atrium. Both atriums receive blood from the body and both ventricles pump blood out of the heart. The pulmonary artery carries me into the lungs so I can get some oxygen in me before I die!!!
From the heart I travel into arteries since I am oxygenated and ready to provide for my master!!! The arteries are very large push out oxygenated blood and become so small they can only be seen with a microscope and only one cell can pass through them; this tiny artery is known as a capillary. I go throughout the body until I am in need of more oxygen, so I travel though the veins, which brings me back to the heart, which carries me into the lungs and the cycle repeats. If my master eats food high is fats. sugars, and sodium all the time the arteries will start to fill up cholesterol, which makes it harder for me to go through the arteries, which backs up all other cells and may cause high blood pressure, which leads to heart attacks.
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