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HiQ Principals' Training

No description

Lacey Favors

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of HiQ Principals' Training

Purpose of Title II, Part A
To increase the
academic achievement
of all students by helping schools and districts
improve teacher AND principal quality
and ensure that all teachers and paraprofessionals are "highly qualified."
Criteria for "Highly Qualified" Teachers and Parapros
2014-2015 Principals' Training
Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals
Calhoun County Schools

Paraprofessional OR Non-Instructional Aide
Paraprofessional - A teacher assistant with instructional duties

Non-instructional Aide - A teacher assistant who takes no independent actions, has no decision-making authority regarding instructional matters, and performs only routine tasks assigned by personnel with higher certification
Code of Ethics
Standard 4: Honesty
"An educator shall exemplify honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice." Unethical conduct as it applies to ESEA includes but is not limited to, falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting:
Professional qualifications of teachers reported to as "highly qualified";
Information notifying parents that they may request information regarding the teacher's professional qualifications;
Information notifying parents if a teacher who is not "highly qualified" is teaching their child a core academic content course;
Information submitted to federal and state governmental agencies; and
Information submitted in the course of professional practice.
Requirements for HiQ
Goal of Title II, Part A
For ALL students to have
effective teachers
who have the
subject matter knowledge

teaching skills
to help all of their students achieve at high academic standards, regardless of individual learning styles or needs.
Practices of Effective Leaders
Hire and assign effective teachers
Assess teacher effectiveness
Guide teachers into professional learning that will improve or enhance their effectiveness
Set expectations for faculty and staff
Set the working conditions/climate of the educational program(s) of the school
Attend professional learning to improve or enhance his/her own effectiveness
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that
all teachers of core academic subjects be "highly qualified."
The Title II handbook states who may be considered highly qualified. It is important to know that a teacher who is highly qualified may not necessarily be fully certified. To be fully certified and highly qualified a teacher must meet all of the state's certification requirements AND be assigned appropriately for the field in which he or she is teaching.
Parents Have The Right...
To request information about professional qualifications of your students' teachers;
Whether the teacher has met GA PSC requirements for certification for the grade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;
Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which GA qualifications or certification criteria have been waived;
The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;
Whether the students are provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so their qualifications.
To be notified via standard mail when their child has been taught for 20+ consecutive days by a teacher who is not highly qualified.
Parental Notification
LEAs are
to notify parents if a teacher who is not highly qualified is teaching their child a core academic content course.

Parental notification is required if a teacher who is not HiQ teaches their child for four consecutive weeks or more (20+ days).

Parental notification is not required for paraprofessionals who are not HiQ.
Parent Notification Rules
Parents have to be notified via standard mail
LEA must maintain records documenting letters were mailed.
Copy of address labels, class rosters w/date mailed noted, one or more returned letter(s), postage meter receipt
Core Academic Subjects
Elementary (P-5): Reading, language arts, math, broad-field science, broad-field social science, foreign languages, visual arts, music, band, chorus

Middle Grades (4-8): Reading, language arts, math, broad-field science, broad-field social science, foreign languages, visual arts, music, band, chorus

High School (6-12): English, reading, math, broad-field science-physics, biology, chemistry, earth & space; broad-field social science-history, political science, geography, economics; visual arts, foreign languages, music, band, chorus
Apply new rules for teacher certification 2014
Rule of Thumb:
Teachers have to be assigned to the grade level & content area course as indicate on their certificate
Special Education Teachers
Must be HiQ too.
HiQ applies to those serving as the teacher of record in one or more of the core academic subject areas in which the teacher is primarily responsible for instructing students.
Others who are HiQ Applicable
Teachers in after-school, intersession, and evening-school
Connections teachers who teach core academic content subjects
Teachers who provide academic interventions as a part of an RTI framework if students are scheduled for a segment of instruction in a core academic content area
Teachers in alternative schools or G-NETS if they serve as the teacher of record
Long-term substitutes who serve students for 20 or more consecutive days
EIP Teachers who are teachers of record
Hospital homebound teachers - if student is absent for 20+ consecutive days, a HiQ teacher must be identified as the teacher of record and must supervise content instruct through a consultative model
ESOL Teachers
Gifted Teachers - Endorsement: In-field at base certification; K-12 certification: Must be HiQ to teach assigned content
For Information...
www.gadoe.org - Title II, Part A
Hi Q Requirements for Special Education Teachers, ppt. Special Education Leadership Development Academy, July 2013

Jimmy Phillips, Miller Co. Title IIA Coordinator.
FY14 Annual Principal Training. Hiring and Placement of Teachers, ppt. 2014
Remediation Plans - Monitor and Document
Developed for each non-HiQ teacher, non-HiQ parapro, and teacher who holds a nonrenewable certificate at the time of hire
In collaboration with teacher/parapro
Outlines requirements for teacher/parapro to meet HiQ requirements (attain clear, renewable)
Includes timeline for completion of each component of the plan
Includes a target date for meeting requirements to attain HiQ status
Signed by teacher/parapro, principal, and Title IIA Coordinator
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