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Online Classroom: Writing With Edmodo

Writing, Edmodo and You...

M. David Lopez

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Online Classroom: Writing With Edmodo

The Online Classroom -
Writing, edmodo and You
Who is this guy?
2009 UCLA Writing Project Fellow
Tech Director at St. Gen's in Panorama City
Teach Literature (and Spelling) for 7th/8th graders
Demographic is 80% Filipino-American w/ Latino and Armenian students
Mix of technologies - laptop carts, handhelds, Internet apps
iPad Pilot Program and iPad Training
My Big Question - How Does "tech" Impact Writing?
Related question - Can technology and writing co-exist?
Edmodo in the Writing Classroom
Let's Write!
In my classroom, I'm always trying out new tools and technologies
Quick Write
Jot down a few thoughts
What would an effective online technology or tool look like in your writing classroom?
Let's write for 6 mins and 30 seconds
What is ?
"Microblogging", but it's so much more
Facebook for your classroom
Free - No ads! No games! Free!
Think of edmodo as central storehouse for students' ideas, quickwrites, drafts, brainstorms, work-in-progress, group work, polished pieces
Reducing the paper piles on your desk!
Formative function
"Backchannel" - students can comment, ask questions while readings, discussion, presentations take place
Once you control for "i" instead of "I", focus is on content, not form
Real-Life edmodo assignments
Let's Write using edmodo
Click "I'm a Teacher"
Create an account, username and password
Join group ubyjmn
Edmodo Prompt # 1 Carlisle Indian School
Can technology help us write?
Writing process is recursive, non-linear*
Planning - Drafting - Revising - Publishing
Digitizing the Writing Process
Technology cannot help a writer think
Maybe graphic organizers
Being careful to navigate between reluctant teachers on one hand and vendors on the other
Drafting, revising is helped by technology
"Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie
We'll read the first chapter aloud, popcorn style
Whilst we read, let's have some volunteers
On edmodo, ask questions, make comments, connect to other stories
Themes, related issues
Real-time active reading

edmodo prompt # 2
In Sherman Alexie’s “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” the narrator, Junior, uses drawings as a means of escaping the harshness of his life: “My cartoons are tiny lifeboats.”
In either your personal or professional life, what are some of your lifeboats?

Questions? Comments?
-I'll post all handouts, links to articles mentioned on edmodo
Anyone on Twitter? @mister_lopez
Aim for effective, not flashy
Voicethread.com for virtual gallery walks
Prezi.com for publishing student writing, presentations
Popplet.com - website, iPad app
Students teach me and each other
All technology should supplement, not supplant
Last thoughts...
can online/web/tech elements complement the teaching of writing?
is edmodo.com the answer? an answer?
are there other, better-suited technologies?
is technology changing the ways we write?
iS dIs tHe few-ChUr of Dis-korse?? lol
Absolutely not...
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