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Much Ado About Nothing

No description

tyler murphy

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of Much Ado About Nothing

Amanda and Beatrice
Much Ado About Nothing
The Best of Me

A Coparison
both are young women
both are born into rich life
both are vulnerable to love
both are strong and witted
Amanda is a lot nicer, is more sensitive at first, and wants to find love
Beatrice is the opposite
Male Characters
Dawson and Benedick
both were setup for love
both are strong men
both brave and not selfish
Dawson was loving passionate and very nice
Benedick was mocking and rude
Dawson was poor growing up, Benedick was wealthy
Much Ado About Nothing takes place in Italy on Sicily island in 1500s
The Best of Me takes place in Oriental, North Carolina 1984
Much Ado only has one location Leonato Estate
The best of me takes place various locations
Thesis Statement
Main Events
Love at first sight -between Claudio and Hero are similar to love at first sight between Dawson and Amanda
Tragedy - when Claudio found out Hero was (dead), and when Amanda found out Dawson was dead it was a sad means to end of there love
Process of love - At first Benedick and Beatrice hate each other but soon start to grow on each other falling in love while Amanda and Dawson fell instantly in love and were inseparable
Dawson shoots his cousin on accident and gets arrested and sent to jail for 8 years causing there relationship to end even though they both loved each other Dawson separates himself from her while she continues to try and visit him
Hero gets setup by Don John to frame her as being a whore, and dresses a girl up like her, and shows Claudio and Don Pedro telling them that, that's Hero sleeping with one of the butlers. This causes Claudio to end things publicly shaming her and separating him self from her
both couples still love each other
both relationships come to tragic end but later get back together

Dawson does not ever hate on Amanda, while Claudio shames her publicly
Dawson and Amanda dont get back together for another 21 years while, Claudio and Hero get back together on the same day
While both Much ado bout Nothing and The Best of Me both depict never ending love the tragic events that occur through the relationships are very different between Hero and Claudio from Much Ado, and Dawson and Amanda from The Best of Me
all come from the heart
Modern shake sphere language is used in Much Ado
modern English used in The Best of Me
Dawson never uses hateful words towards Amanda
Claudio shames on Hero
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