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The Palace of Versailles and the French Revolution

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Eva Arad

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of The Palace of Versailles and the French Revolution

The French History
(Palace of Versailles and French Revolution)
By: Hava A. 9c

Louis XIV
Louis XIV became king at a very young age of 4 and ruled from 1638 - 1715. As Louis XIV grew up, he wanted to enlarge his fathers hunting lodge, but through this process this hunting lodge of Louis XIV's turned into an immense palace with extravagant gardens. Louis XIV wanted to be known by all of France as the 'Sun King'. Being the Sun King to Louis XIV meant that wherever he went he would shine light on everyone and without him everyone would die, as well as this, Louis XIV considered him the Sun King because he wad very fond of the Greek god, Apollo, who was the god of music. Louis XIV was an absolute monarch, he was the 'Divine Right', and this is shown when he quotes "I am the state". Louis XIV moved the government and all his nobles to his very own palace so he was fully aware of where they were at all times, this also gave even more power to Louis XIV over everyone else. Louis XIV took part in four main wars, they were: War of Devolution, Dutch War, War of the Grand Alliance and War of the Spanish Succession. Louis XIV was known to be a bad king, because of the economic struggles France had to suffer with due to the king's wild spending on the Palace of Versailles.
The Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles is located in Versailles, a couple of miles away from Paris. The most famous room of the palace is the "Hall of Mirrors", this room is a large rectangular shaped room that contains mirrors on each wall of the room, it also contains 17 large chandeliers with an additional 26 small ones. The Hall of Mirrors is the most visited room of the whole Palace of Versailles because of it exquisite mirrors that reflect the windows that overlook the beautiful gardens of the palace, there are over 200,000 trees and 50 fountains and the palace and gardens are set on 19,262 acres. This room is also the main terrace as well is the room that separates the kings and the queens quarters, it was usually used for ceremonies. Depending on the days, around 10000 to 20000 people stayed at the palace. Throughout the 28 years it took to build the palace, many building were added, the buildings that took the longest to construct were the chapels. Louis XIV constructed 4 different chapels, each being stunning. Louis le Vau was the main architect of the Palace of Versailles. A total of 2 billion dollars was spent on this palace throughout the different years of Louis XIV and Louis XVI.
Life in the Palace
The Reign of Louis XVI
During the years that Louis XVI reigned, many changes were put through for the Palace of Versailles and France in general. The third estate had to mostly survive on bread and soup, while the king and queen feasted on large portions of meats, chicken, fish, salad, soup and dessert. Due to the ruling of Louis XVI, he had brought Versailles down during its last years. The palace was also put through harm during Louis last years of ruling before he was captured along with his children and wife. The entire palace was drenched and smelled of urine. Many beggars and servants had also gone wherever possible to relieve themselves while in the palace, which made matters even worse. But due to Versailles beautiful and exquisite gardens and exterior architecture, it was as if the interior part of the Palace of Versailles had not mattered.
Reasons for the French Revolution
'Long Term'
There were many reasons as to why the French Revolution had involved, but some main reasons were:
Long Term:
'Inequality between the three estates' people from the third estate (largest population of people) were forced to may double and triple the amount of taxes and prices of food and especially bread went up.
Louis XVI's multiple wars, causing him to spend huge amounts of money on weapons, army and armor.
Poor fiscal (revenue) management
High in debt
Economic troubles rise, but Louis XVI still continues to spend riches on luxuries.
By learning this topic and by creating this presentation recapping everything learned in class, I realize how much history France has gone through and how things have evolved immensely over the past couple of centuries. I have learned a lot from this topic, especially about how the Palace of Versailles was constructed and about the French Revolution that is definitely a key event in our history.
Louis XIV took his meals and etiquette very seriously, but preferred to eat in privacy, and so, he would always eat in his 'Private Apartments' or in his 'Cabinets'. Etiquette was also a vital part of the Palace of Versailles, a lady could never hold or lick arms with another man, as it was practically impossible due to their wide skirts and it as well looked unusual to others present at the palace. The tabouret, a padded stool, was awarded to those holding the rank of duchess. Lesser ranking nobility would be expected to stand, this was another rule that was followed. Unlike Louis XIV, Louis XVI found eating in public thrilling. He enjoyed it very much, but unfortunately for him, his beloved wife Marie Antoinette, would not even take her gloves of for the meal and would sit silently while the king feasted. The same rules applied to Louis XVI when it came to the etiquette of the Palace of Versailles.
Reasons for French Revolution
'Short Term'
The short term reasons for the French Revolution erupting:
Short Term:

High Unemployment between the Third Estate
Drought resulting in crop failure, to purchase bread, a peasant would have to spend 88% of their daily income.
Very harsh and cold winter during 1789

As well as these points, the attack on the Bastille Prison in Paris, which is till celebrated toady.
Key Events During 1789
The year 1789 was a very eventful year for France, the key events were:
: Revolts had begun against the king and the nobility.
: The Tennis Court Oath, where the people swore that they would not relent in their efforts until a new constitution had been agreed upon.
: The attack over the Bastille Prison in Paris, this was very significant because It eventually led to the abolition of monarchy and the founding of the French Republic, which is why the French Republic celebrates its anniversary as a national holiday every year on July 14.
: The National Assembly abolishes the Feudal system
: The National Assembly approves the Deceleration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.
: As these changes are made, thousands of woman stand up and march to the Palace of Versailles for Louis XVI and his family. They wanted to bring Louis XVI to Paris, so he could see for himself what damage he has made to France.

As well as different files from the Edmodo folders and different factual sheets that we were assigned.
Review on the Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles is a beautiful and grand castle-like architecture that now stands in the city of Versailles as a monument and museum, reflecting the past of kings and queens, court etiquette and the interior design of the 17th and 18th century palaces. The palace of Versailles held hundreds of rooms spread out within the area, but unfortunately we had a very limited amount of time to visit this palace therefor we only toured 10 to 15 different room and didn’t tour the gardens either. Each room held different paintings that were collected over the many years that the Louie’s owned and controlled the Palace of Versailles. There was a variety of different textures, colors, prints and styles throughout the palace. The famous Hall of Mirrors was exceptionally beautiful with its grandiose chandeliers and mirrors. My favorite room in the Palace of Versailles was definitely either the Hall of Mirrors or the king’s bedroom chamber. This is because they both showed very historic and unique designs. The king’s bedroom was a gold embroidered and painted room with hints of deep red velvet. There is a large king sized bed and again large and detailed paintings that portrayed royalty, power and pride. The Palace of Versailles is definitely a site to see if ever in Paris or Versailles because of its historical background, luxuriousness and its impressive gardens and rooms.
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