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Simple Machines in Colonial Times

No description

Madison Britt

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Simple Machines in Colonial Times

simple machines in COLONIAL times wheel and axle lever screw inclined plane pulley A doorknob is a wheel and axle. It turns like a wheel. A carriage is one too. Its wheel turns around a small dot, also known as an
axle. Instead of heaving the carriage up the hill,
it just moves when the horses move. You're going a longer distance with less force. If you unfold stairs you get an inclined plane. If people back then needed to move something to a different level, they would use an inclined plane like a ramp. Slides are also inclined planes. Would you rather fall straight down onto your face or slide down gently?

It makes work easier because you are trading a shorter force for a longer distance. We use pulleys in
flagpoles .
Back then they
used them in
wells. Pulleys make work
easier by changing the
direction of the force. wedge We use wedges in scissors and back then, they used
wedges in axes and plows. A wedge increases your force. Nowadays we use screws to hold things
together, but back then
they used them to put
holes in barrels.
Screws make work easier because instead of taking a hammer and bopping a nail in with a lot of force. You trade force for a longer distance. Today we use levers in fans and to lift stuff. A long time ago
they used them to hold the wood in place . Like in the picture the foot rest is a lever. A lever makes it easier because when you want to lift something heavy, it is too hard to like it by hand. A lever increases force and changes the direction of your force. By MATTIE BRITT!
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