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Young Queen Elizabeth

No description

Natalia Parkinson

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Young Queen Elizabeth

Princess to Heir

When Queen Elizabeth's father went from Prince George to King George the 6th, Elizabeth went from just a royal princess to an heir to the throne, and with that came a ton more responsibility.
This meant that she went from a relatively "Normal" life, as normal as royal life can get, to reading newspapers about political matters.
Queen Elizabeth, along with her sister Margret, had her schooling at home.
She studied Math, Science, History, French, and more.
She also took dance, art, and singing as extracurricular activities.
At the age of 11 Queen Elizabeth became a Girl Guide. The Girl Guides had tea parties, went on hikes, and enjoyed the occasional movie in the school room inviting all of the royal staff.

The Crowning of Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth was crowned on June 2 1953.
Elizabeth was only 27 when she was crowned Queen.
She was in Kenya when she found out about her father's passing.
For the first three months, Queen Elizabeth remained in seclusion, as to give her time to mourn the death of her father.
Queen Elizabeth has reigned for about 60 years.
Image by Tom Mooring
Young Queen Elizabeth

Royal Duties
In 1942, at the young age of 15, Queen Elizabeth's father made her Colonel of the Grenadier Guard. (an infantry regiment of the British Army)
This meant she was to carry out inspections.
Her first inspection was in 1942. (This also being the year she started going on more trips to Great Britain with her parents).
After she persisted asking her father from the age of 16 if she could be a volunteer nurse in the bomb damaged London, Elizabeth's father compromised and let her join the Auxiliary Territorial services at the age of 18 (This gave her a closer look into the life of a non-royal person.) She learned to change wheels, take engines apart and rebuild them, and to drive heavy vehicles such as an ambulance.
Due to safety reasons, she slept at home during this time.
During the war
Queen Elizabeth was the ripe age of thirteen when World War II broke out.
During that time she was transitioning from teenager to a young adult which all on its own has a lot with it.
in 1940 Queen Elizabeth was asked to make a radio broadcast to children, who were displaced from families and from their homes. In this broadcast she assured them that everything would be okay in the end. (This was her first real taste of royal duties, and much like broadcasts she would be making at Christmas time.)
Elizabeth grew up during the war, 13 at the beginning and 19 at its end.
When Elizabeth was only 13 she met Philip Mountbatten, who was the son of Prince Andrew .
Philip and Elizabeth were distance cousins.
They kept in touch over the years, later falling in love.
Elizabeth's father was hesitant about this match, because the two were so different. Elizabeth was more reserved and quite, while Philip was more of an outspoken person.
Philip had both Greek and Danish royal ties, but not much wealth.
Philip was also a tad rough in his personality, which Elizabeth's father didn't much like.
Philip and Elizabeth married in 1947. (during this time the world was still recovering from World War II)
The following year, Philip and Elizabeth had Charles, and in 1950 Anne.
Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1962
first child of Prince Albert, Duke of York who was later known as King George 6th, and his wife, Elizabeth, Duchess of York who was later known as Queen Elizabeth 1
Coronation Day
Auxiliary Territorial services
Wedding day
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