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Picnics In My Neighbourhood

It is a 2 years Comenius Project that is meant to value our own culture, neighbourhood and schools. We want to develop a greater understanding about the culture, traditions and religions of our own and other countries.

Sesselja Traustadottir

on 26 June 2012

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Transcript of Picnics In My Neighbourhood

Country Projects Comenius Blog Iceland Sweden Wales Turkey Greece 1. Weather report 2. Travelling scrapbook 3. Playgrounds and activities 4. School buildings and activities 5. Festival 6. Our neighbourhood 7. Travelling, GPS and Bikeability 8. Religion 9. Picnic in the neighbourhood 10. Presentation and exhibition Picnics In My
- PIN - is PIN's first meeting place from the
4th to the 9th of October 2010 School visit, ITC - tools, Scrapbooks,
weather reports and PIN so far Byskolan Llangewydd Junior School is PIN's 2nd meeting place in March 2011 Bikeability, GPS, maps and public transport
- scrapbooks and a headmasters meeting. ÖZEL YÜZYIL BEZCİ KOLEJİ is PIN's third meeting place in October 2011 Religions and scrapbooks. is PIN's fourth meeting place in March 2012 The final two projects and scrapbooks. Writing the final report for the project to the EU. is PIN's last meeting place in June 2012 13th Primary School of Xanthi Alftamyrarskoli In Iceland
In Sweden
In Britain
In Turkey
In Greece
www.iky.gr http://picnicsinmyneighbourhood.wordpress.com/
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