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Electronic Camshaft

-Faster engine response -Less fuel being used -Cleaner emmisons -Cleaner safer enviroment

Ryan Hushon

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Electronic Camshaft

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Diesel Engine The 4 Strokes of a Diesel Enigne The camshaft contols the eninge timing by pushing the vales and the fuel injectors at the percise time There are already electronic fuel injectors, where the vehichles computer tells the injector when and how much fuel to inject The importance of this new technology was to be able to improve emissions. The way to improve emissions is by increasing or retarding the fuel timing We believe the next step in the Diesel industry is using this same technology to relplace the camshaft The diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel. He operated the first internal combustion engine in 1897. There are many components to make a diesel engine run. Every piece is essential part the one we'll focus on in this presentation is, the Camshaft. Valves Injector The camshaft will be replaced with electronic modules. The vehicles computer will send a signal to the module that will
tell it to push the valves down at the corect time and sequence. This will improve emissions,
Increase the life span of the engine,
Make it easier for the mechanic to maintain the engine.

This electronic camshaft
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