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What exactly is STAAR Writing?

No description

christina reyes

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of What exactly is STAAR Writing?

STAAR Writing
What does the STAAR Writing test consist of?
2 Compositions
What is Editing?
What is Revising?
Revising & Editing
The largest part of the test!
Vertical Revising and Editing
(19 Editing Questions vs. 9 Revising Questions)
Here's the
Narrative- 8 points possible
Expository- 8 points possible
R & E - 28 points possible
Students need a 52 to pass = 23 points
Fixing the broken rules!
( 2 graders)
(2 graders)
S- spelling
Add- details, examples, adjectives, vivid verbs
Remove- words or sentences that do not make sense
Move- words or sentences that fit better elsewhere
Substitute- boring words for exciting words
Poster Time!
Narrative vs. Expository
officer buckle shared his safety tips with the students at Napville School

nobody ever listened?

sometimes, there was snoring?

afterward, it was business as usual. Mrs Toppel, the principal, took down the welcome banner!

Never stand on a swivel chair, said Officer Buckle, but Mrs.Toppel didn't hear him.

Look fors:
-Writing Folder - What do yours look like?
Revising with Mentor Texts
Editing with Mentor Texts
How do you tell the difference?
Creating Sentences with flavor!
The dog sits.
The brown dog sits.
The silly brown dog sits.
The silly brown dog sits, but does flips when Officer Buckle isn't looking!
All expository writing punches forward an idea and supports it!
Narrative writing tells a moment in time. All narrative writing is personal.
Daily Writing Practice
Poster Time Again!
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