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Customer Engagement

No description

Piper Gustafson

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Customer Engagement

Which one would you apply to?
Can you imagine if our recruitment and summer orientation videos looked like this?
Or this?
(before Amazon published LivingSocial's deep-in-the-red numbers, entry-level sales jobs were so competitive that LivingSocial was hiring less than 1% of applicants)
What if we were using Social Media outlets like Tumblr, not just to share designs, but to convey a company vibe?
The competition is out there.
We have the headstart--but we have to make the most of this hard-earned advantage. We have the best combination of price/quality/turnaround, we provide a personal aspect to all of our customers, and we have the most incredible on-campus paid internship experience a college student could find!
....but would you know any of that from our web presence?

Great designs
Pinterest - 4250 followers, 16 boards
Facebook - 3765 likes, apparel + engaging content
Tumblr - Sorority vibe
Ambassadors of Awesome - Campus Manager program
Compensation sucks. But, it's going to get better
It will only be a year or two before their reps pose a serious threat... we need to make our brand as good and better than theirs before their rep program evolves to our level
It only takes one idiot signing up for their program to start stealing sales from our CMs

Our west coast competition, and they are expanding east!!!
Pinterest - 1944 followers, 7 boards
Facebook - 3044 likes; apparel, engaging content, fan photos, fan contests, office pictures, marketing items
Similar Campus Manager program, claim to be on over 400 campuses nation wide
"MISSION - To become the national leader in our industry, through:
Amazing service,
Impressive solutions, and
Every Kotisian constantly fighting for better"
Make no mistake--we need to learn from what they are doing better than us, because they are good

Facebook - 11,842 likes!!!! Fan photos, office content, funny posts
Campus Reps: $100 per month, commission on orders dependent on size of order (7.5% or 10%)
Not a huge threat now, but enormous potential to grow and become a threat

Cater directly to Sorority Girls, and in turn have a lot of brand loyalty
Pinterest - 2 accounts, 1 with 251 followers, 1 with 318 followers
Facebook - 2942 likes; designs, fan photos, apparel, calls to "feature customers"
Website - enough to pull customers to them, despite higher prices and slow turnaround times
Staff boards
Can you say
"Study Break?"
Our brand should include a "vibe"
that appeals to our CMs and Customers

A vibe people want to follow
First glance: which website looks like it "gets" college?
Kotis markets directly to customers, and it is tailored toward college humor
Where is
Our CMs learn to compete with one another... but we should be competing as a company, too!
Geneologie's brand is so strong--even their proofs are attractive
This company has such an awesome culture.
We need a website and social media presence that convey who we are!
Here's a few examples of how other companies are kicking our butts when it comes to marketing, customer engagement, and branding a company culture:
Pinterest is now the #3 Social Network in the U.S.
A strong web presence would increase applicants (which in turn leads to stronger CMs) as well as engage customers in the event that CM is not pulling his or her weight.
Compare these videos to our Summer Orientation Testimonials video. Which looks more professional?
If you watched our video side-by-side with the two above, which company would you want to apply to?

“Content is the cost of entry to relevance in today’s society,” he says. “The top 1-5% [of executives and social media personalities] in the next few years will have full-time content people around them.”
… “The only reason I got to the level of affording a full-time content person is that when I couldn’t [afford it], I still put out more content than most.”
In other words, hustle is mandatory. “You have to get into the content game,” says Vaynerchuk. “You have to force yourself to make more videos, write more posts.”

"Why Gary Vaynerchuk's New Social Media Strategy Should Change The Way You Do Business" -- Forbes.com
From Socialnomics
Full video:
And they absolutely account for the majority of our sales
From Google's "The Engagement Project"
On Engagement over Exposure:
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