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Character Analysis on Captain Beatty

No description

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Character Analysis on Captain Beatty

Name: Captain Beatty
Age: Adult maybe mid or late 30's
Captain Beatty is not a Protagonist he is definitely a Antagonist.
Name, Age, Protagonist?
Captain Beatty is a the captain of the fire team.

Captain Beatty is a very intelligent man who is the captain of the firefighters. He loves his job which is to burn down houses in which contin books.
Occupation and Background
Captain Beatty's motivating desires was too get rid of all the books. Also, to catch everyone hiding books. But Montag killed him.
Motivating Desires
He is very smart. He is able to remeber things from books he read very easily.
Mental Characteristics
Character Analysis on Captain Beatty
He believes that anyone who has books house needs to be burned down and the people need to be sent to an insane asylum.

This character from Farenheit 451 is
Spiritual Qualities Dynamic or Static?
Emotional and External Characteristics
Secrets- Captain Beatty had a secret that he would read a book when he got curious but then afterward he would burn it.

Fears- That people would get away with having books.
Secrets and Fears
External- Captain Beatty is a male.

Emotional Charateristics- He is very passionate about his job. He is somewhat considerate. He is also very smart.
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