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No description

Meaghan Wimpfheimer

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Tumbling

Reaching our goal:
By, Krystian Garcia and Meaghan Wimpfheimer
We can get better at tumbling by practicing with our coaches.
We can practice at home and by stretching out before practice.
Tumbling can be used in cheerleading and gymnastics.
Some tumbling skills are tucks, handsprings, and doubles they can be dangerous.
We can tumble any where even at the beach.
We go to practice three times a week with are coaches and they help us get better at tumbling.
In tumbling we use tumble tracks and mats
Meaghan's tumbling goal is to get her handspring and all the tumbling I do not have. I will work at home and at practice to reach my goal.
Krystian's goal is to get her front and back handsprings.Im going to practice at home and at practices to reach my goal.:)
It depends how hard tumbling is because there are different levels and the higher the level the harder the tumbling.
We got interested in tumbling when we saw other people doing it so we said we can do that to.
Thank you for watching and we hope you learned a lot about tumbling. Do you have any questions or comments?
Is tumbling
A. tumbling easy
B.tumblings hard
C. all of the above
What do we use for tumbling:

A. mats
B. tumble track and mats
C. ground
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