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The Stories Comparing To Antigone

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Veronica Valdez

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Stories Comparing To Antigone

"Antigone and Things Fall Apart
Antigone” and “Things Fall Apart” share a similar plot line. They both have tragic heroes, Creon for “Antigone” and Okonkwo for “Things Fall Apart”. In both of these books, traditions are challenged and trying to be changed. For example in “Antigone”, it was very wrong to bury someone who was not noble and if they were put to rest in a civilized honor, the person responsible for their burial would receive the consequences. In “Things Fall Apart”, it was the Europeans coming in and trying to break tradition. They came and argued the religion and lifestyle of the people in Umuofia. They wanted to do things their way and were willing to do anything to get it.

"A Child Called It"
As a young child and having to live in a cruel dark place like living in a castle with walls not being able to escape having to live with being abused and not being to say anything to anyone because that voice in your head saying its your mom the person that gave birth to you but on the other hand she shouldnt treat like this like a dog like your not worth anything. Like in Antigone her brother Polyneices was treating as a dog or even worse his body laying there animals eating him and no one able to do anything because they were afraid to die to and just lay there.
"Romeo & Juliet"
How this story compares to Antigone? You might ask this play had a lot of events happened but one that shocked U.S all was the death of Romeo and Juliet at the end. Yes a lot of young adults will do anything for love or what they think is love at a young age but Juliet having to lie and sneaking out just because their love wouldnt be possible because their families where like water and oil didn't get along. The actions that they made did have consequences Romeo believing she was dead but she did it to be with him and he killed himself and then as she woke up she did the same and then stabbing her self to be with her loved one and thats what Antigone did to be with her brother putting her life in danger.
It may start just as a normal day but as soon as Aladdin became a king. There was someone that wanting to rule and believed that he was unbeatable and his name is Jafar but that cockyness and selfishness lead to surprising events Aladdin always finding a way to beat him and teaching him that cruelty and unfairness can make you unhappy and lonely not having anyone by your side lossing trust from other just because some actions were done without thinking them first.

It started as a simply story with a character having a family living together but there are two brothers named Eteocles & Polyneices trying to fight for being king but having to fight each other had lead to a tragedy both dying but one having a cremony done for him and the other having to lay in a dirty ground animals eating his body and no one to care for him but only one person just one will do whats right even though she has to break a law and that is Antigone just a sister she may seem but she will go through anything and anyone to bury her brother Polyneices even though it can lead to her death but at the end theirs a tragedy that no one expected.
The Twins Of "Antigone"
By:Alexis Gross, Veronica Valdez & Jake Bulthuis

Romeo & Juliets Death
Yes being a person with power can lead to good things or events that are unexpected or even lead to actions that have consequences. There are stories or plays that can have examples of the good things or tragedys that can occur. Being selfish,stubborn,and unfair is something that having power can lead to and yet some dont see the harm that they are causing. Some separate families or even killing others just to be the one alive and keep alive the ones that will follow them just to survive and thats what all the stories and plays have teach us. That sometimes being ungrateful for what you have and not listening to others can bring death to the end.
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