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Broadening Teaching Perspective:

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gemma palog

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Broadening Teaching Perspective:

Broadening Teaching Perspective:
Teacher Exchange Programs

Fullbright Teacher exchange Program
started in 1946 to help nearly 23,000 teachers and school administrators to promote mutual understanding between the US and other countries

it involves a year or semester with a counterpart in another country teaching the same subject at the same level

Fullbright Teacher exchange Program
30 countries are involved including the Philippines which varies from year to year

In the Philippines, it is managed by the Philippine- American educational Foundation
African teachers exchange visits within a school or schools in another African country for two weeks with the following activities:

c. The guest teacher teaches using ICTs at the school that the teacher is visiting
d. Engage in discussions with teachers in another school
e. Write a journal of their exchange visit

a. Be stationed at one school for one week and another school for one week
b. Observe teaching in the said teacher’s subject

Visiting International Faculty Program
• United States’ largest cultural exchange program for teachers and schools
• Offers highly qualified teachers from around the world serving as teachers and cultural ambassadors
• Teachers work in the US for up to 3 years
Improving the quality of education in south Africa, Ghana, Uganda and the UK to promote partnership between the north and the South African countries
Aims to:
1. Change the lines of UK educators personally and professionally
2. Ensure benefits for staff and pupils of UK schools and their local communities through the dissemination of innovative development education
3. Support the aims and activities of links educational programs in South Africa, Ghana and Uganda
4. Set a standard and develop a model for other similar scheme

Inter-African Teacher Exchanges
1. Provide opportunity for African teachers to learn from the teaching environment in other African countries
2. Aims to extend experiences and widen the horizon of African teachers by encouraging exchange visits to countries outside Africa
3. Envision to create cultural awareness and tolerance of development I different African education environments

Founded in 1987 and began accepting teachers from other countries to teach kindergarten up to grade 12 in 1989

First group of 12 international teachers worked in 10 North Carolina countries as foreign language teachers

In 1996, North Carolina dept. of public instruction asked VIF to recruit teachers in other subject areas

To date, VIF expanded their work areas including the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and California

Teachers are coming from more than 50 countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain and the Philippines
Canadian Educators Exchange
A non-profit organization which handles both student and educator exchanges

exchanges offer educators and their students an opportunity to broaden their understanding of one another’s cultures, customs and languages

2 kinds of exchanges

1. One year exchanges
2. Short-term exchanges
Purpose and beliefs
1.All schools should have at least one international student
2. All students should be exposed to a variety of teachers during their academic careers
3. All communities should have all equal opportunity to develop globally literate citizen
Global Teachers Millennium Awards
Global Millennium Awards
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