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Alkalinity and Health

No description

Erick Stinger

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of Alkalinity and Health

X20 Alkalinity and Health
What is pH?
pH is the potential for hydrogen and is standard unit of measure for liquids to determine the levels of acidity or alkalinity.
Beyond just allowing more oxygen to enter into your Cells X20 Provides Minerals. Minerals are an inorganic substance needed by the human body for good health, They also work hand in hand with vitamins and act as a basic building block for good nutrition in your body.
Over and above raising pH levels and adding minerals back into your body
Helps promote
proper Hydration
at the cellular level
A Healthier Body
Overall Health begins with an
Alkaline pH
, proper
, and

Helps to meet all of these needs.

is a pure source Organic mineral complex that every
pH Balance and cultivating good Health.
One of the most important tasks your body has is to regulate the pH level in your Blood. Your body naturally strives to maintain a slightly alkaline balance. To maintain this balance your body needs minerals (like Calcium) to neutralize acids.
The more alkaline your bodily fluids, the more oxygen rich they become, and the easier it is for your body to carry out normal cellular functions.
The more acidic your bodily fluids the more taxing it is for your body to carry out those actions.
Vital Minerals like the
found in
play vital roles in regular cellular functions and your overall health.

Calcium and Magnesium
Bone Health
Cardiovascular function
Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
, and help to
the body
We are all Familiar with the fact that your body is on average comprised of 70% WATER!
But what many people are not aware of is the fact that we lose water as we age. So the quality of water really impacts our Health as we age.
X20 is an organic mineral complex with a mixture of over 70 trace minerals.
The importance of minerals in the body cannot be overstated! Blood Plasma is 92% water, and water is the only liquid that helps protect the heart.
For More information on X20 please contact the person who shared this presentation with you. So that we can all enjoy the benefits of optimized health.
The foods we eat, and the liquids we drink, effect the amount of work our bodies need to expend to maintain our blood slightly alkaline 7.365.

X20 helps you maintain a reserve of alkaline minerals which act as a buffer to protect your body from acidic foods and drinks that will require minerals to help your body assimilate them. While preserving your alkaline balance.
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