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Electricity and Magnetism

Review for AP Exam/Final

David James

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Electricity and Magnetism

Double click anywhere & add an idea Electricity and Magnetism Ch 21: Electic Charge and Electric Field Main Ideas: Two types of charge (+/-)
Like charges repel, opposite charges attract
Law of conservation of charge
Charge by conduction
Charge by Induction
Coulomb's Law
E = F/q
A charge (at rest, at v = constant or accelerating) creates an Electric Field
E-Field Drawings
Conductors in Electrostatic Equilibrium

Ch 22: Gauss' Law Main Ideas: Electric Flux
Gauss' Law
Conducting Sphere (Hollow or Solid)
Insulating Sphere (uniform charge)
Concentric Spheres
Line of Charge
Concentric Cylinders
Sheet of Charge
E vs r graphs

Ch 23: Electric Potential Ch 24: Capacitors and Capacitance Ch 25: Current, Resistance and the Electromotive Force V=IR
Ch 26: DC Circuits Electricity: Ch 21 - 26 Magnetism: Ch 27 - 30 Ch 27: Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces Ch 28: Sources of Magnetic Field Ch 29: Electromagnetic Induction Ch 30: Inductance Use Kirchhoff's Loop Rule to obtain the differential equation to derive formulas for current growth and decay
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