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Boston University

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Brittany Valledor

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of Boston University

University Connection
Boston University GSDM aligns closely with the main university in mission and reputation. GSDM works with Boston University through their mission (see below).
Both the main school and the GSDM are ranked extremely high compared to other schools in their respective categories and are known for being amongst the top universities in the nation. Boston University is ranked as #41 on the National List of Best Colleges in America, consistently placing in the top percentage of undergraduate schools in the United Statues of America which GSDM (ranked #11 on the listis of best dental schools in the nation).
The GSDM is located on the Boston University Medical Campus which also houses the Boston University School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Medical Research Building, Nurses Education Building, Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and other influential medical buildings.
Advanced/Graduate Programs
GSDM offers rigorous programs in ten specialties, students receive not only a firm theoretical foundation through coursework, but also a wealth of cross-disciplinary discussion to enrich understanding. As for clinical training, GSDM has few equals in quality and range. Throughout their dental school experience, students will be exposed to each of the specialties. Students may obtain a CAGS at GSDM in:
Advanced Education in General Dentistry (12 months)
Dental Public Health (12 months)
Digital Dentistry (12 months)
Endodontics (24 months)
Operative Dentistry (24 months)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (48 months)
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (36 months)
Pediatric Dentistry (24 months)
Periodontology (36 months)
Prosthodontics (36 months)
Outreach Programs
GSDM is located on the Boston University College of Medicine Campus, in the heart of Boston. Being home to over 60 colleges and universities, Boston is an intellectual and cultural city diverse in its people, providing a variety of experiences for dental students.
Potential dental students can expect warm yet breezy fall seasons with nippy nights leading to cold winters and springs. Boston is overall a very sunny city.
Boston is the largest city in New England and home to a rich cultural and ethnic mix which is visible in its neighborhoods. Boston is home to a wide social scene with exciting night life and many museums. Boston is also suitable for the avid sports fan as it is home to over 3 major American sports teams.
An exciting place to study, work, or just relax, Boston is consistently voted one of the most desirable U.S. cities in which to live. Few cities in the world can offer so much variety to a new dental student and with variety, opportunities for individual growth.
Program Quality
At GSDM, education is taught through the state-of-the-art Simulation Learning Center, hands-on clinical experiences starting in your first year, and unique 10-week externships.
The externship rotation, a required course in the pre-doctoral curriculum, exposes students to alternative clinical settings and different modes of treatment and instruction as well as to the needs of a variety of patient populations. Students choose from more than 24 extramural sites affiliated with the School, extending from the East to West Coast.
The research at GSDM — much of it being interdisciplinary —adds another dimension and aspect to the dental school education. Working side by side with renown faculty members, students participate in the discovery of new knowledge. Whether it’s an exploration of innovative materials, molecular biology, stems cells, or public health issues, students will be helping to shape the future of dental medicine and education. With new technological advancements in dental medicine it is essential that dental students stay informed on the new materials, discoveries, and renovations the field is undergoing in order to ensure future success.
The SLC offers aspiring dentists and researchers a technologically advanced, personalized learning experience. Instructors, who can communicate either to the whole class or to selected students, teach using many various platforms, including CDs, live video, traditional 35 mm slides, and digital radiography. Each student workstation contains an interactive computer monitor, high-speed Internet access, electronic keypads for instant quiz results and instructor feedback, two-way microphones, and simulations of live patients with running water and air.
In October of 2014, GSDM entered into an agreement with Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. that is enabling GSDM to become the first US dental school to transition entirely to seamlessly integrated digital dentistry. This collaboration also includes digital technology that will be used in the Pre-clinical Simulation Learning Center. The use of digital preparation analysis software will allow the pre-clinical students to perform self-study and guided learning of tooth preparations. Pre-clinical training using CEREC and prepCheck software is an important part of the digital transition permitting students to fine tune their tooth preparation skills prior to entering the Patient Treatment Center.
Goldman School of Dental Medicine
I selected the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine because of its excellent research centered education, state of the art Simulation Learning Center, community-service focused mission, and location in the heart of Boston; on the Boston University Medical Campus.
Boston University
Financial Evaluation
According to the ASDA, First-Year Tuition for both residents and non-resident students in 2015 was estimated at $69,500 with an additional $9,500 in fees. Studio apartments near GSDM can average at around $2,500 a month, bumping the costs of living in the city to around (and often over) $3,000-3,500. On average, GSDM graduates find themselves to be well above the national debt average of other dental students. ASDA reports the that the average dental student will graduate with $241, 097 while most GSDM graduates accumulate over $300,000 in debt over the course of their education.
GSDM’s Division of Community Health Programs (CHP) is dedicated to enhancing students’ educational experience and improving the community’s oral health through strategic partnering, health education and promotion, and implementation of public health initiatives. They have repeatedly obtained national recognition
The Chelsea Comprehensive School-Based Dental Program, GSDM increased dental health awareness and dental care access for public school children in Chelsea, MA. GSDM is also a leader in spreading knowledge aimed at eliminating dental disparities. For the Healthy Baby/Healthy Child Oral Health Program, they developed an innovative, evidence-based model for improving access to oral health care among under-served populations. GSDM faculty trains public health nurses to deliver oral health education and preventive care to high-risk pregnant women and their children. In another program, Oral Health Advocates in Public Housing, they train residents in motivational interviewing and oral health promotion to help prevent dental decay in young children.
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) students begin their service learning activities in their first year with GSDM’s five city-wide, school-based oral health programs. During these rotations, students work under the supervision of GSDM faculty, preparing grade-appropriate lesson plans, conducting oral health education classes, and providing preventive services for children (dental screening, sealants, and fluoride varnish treatments).
The best way to obtain more information about Boston University's Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine would be through visiting their website available at www.bu.edu/dental/
Boston University's GSDM participated in this year's ADEA Online Virtual Fair enabling pre-dental students to virtually chat with students or admissions officers in order to learn more about the application process and the school as a whole.
Henry M Goldman.
School of Dental Medicine

"The Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine will be the premier academic dental institution promoting excellence in dental education, research, oral health care, and community service to improve the overall health of the global population. We will provide outstanding service to a diverse group of students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni, and health care professionals within our facilities, our community, and the world. We will shape the future of the profession through scholarship, creating and disseminating new knowledge, developing and using innovative technologies and educational methodologies, and by promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning.
We will do so in an ethical, supportive environment, consistent with our core values of trust, responsibility, respect, fairness, compassion, excellence, service, and effective communication in synergy with the strategic plan of Boston University
. We will support this mission using responsible financial policies and philanthropy."
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