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The Three Kingdoms

No description

Gabriel Ho

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The Three Kingdoms

How the Rulers kept control
The Three Kingdoms
Gabriel Ho
Alec Lam
David Graham
Krish Tejnani
What Were The 3 Kingdoms?
How did it come to power?
Size of Empire?
3 Different kingdoms
Capital of Shu
Capital of Wei
Capital of Wu
With Wei the biggest, Shu the smallest
Ending up with different powers
Each started fighting with each other
And each fell one by one
Ending up with 3 biggest powers: Wei, Shu and Wu
Problems They faced
The King
Threat to the throne
Then, there was the battle of the red cliff(208AD), which divided China into 3 Kingdoms and that started at 220 AD.
When the Han dynasty weakened, Cao Cao, the prime minister of Han had the most power.
He wanted the whole of China
But he was defeated by Liu Bei and Suan Quan during the battle of the Red Cliff when Cao Cao invaded the south.
During 184AD, there was a revolt
Leaders of the Kingdoms died, therefore loss of power.
Liu Bei
Cao Cao
Sun Quan
Ruler of SHU-HAN
Ruler of CAO WEI
Ruler of DONG WU
Key Rulers
- The Three Kingdoms is
- Battle of Red Cliffs
280 AD
- The Three Kingdoms period
has ended
263 AD
- The Cao Wei invaded Shu
Liu Bei
Very kind and caring to his people
His people love him, so no trouble arised.
265 AD

The Jin Dynasty invaded
Cao Wei
Cao Cao
A good politician
Good at settling rumours
Sun Quan
279 AD
- The Jin Dynasty invaded
Made peace for the people of Wu
Asked his fellow politicians for advice
184 AD
- The Revolt
263-280 BC
Cao Wei
Dong Wu
Shu Han
Jin Dynasty
(Sima Family revolt)
Contact with the West
Did I contact
you, West?
~ Chinese
Unfortunately, China did not have contact with the West. (Because china was busy fighting with their own country...)
No you didn't,
~ West
How did the Three Kingdoms come to an end
The Three kingdoms came to an end after the Jin Dynasty had gathered power very quickly and overthrown Wu.
Chinese repeating crossbow
After the Three kingdoms came to an end, this presentation has to also...
The End.
Any Comments?
More military tactics and formations
Battle of the Red Cliffs (Minecraft re-creation)
Made by Alec and Gabriel
Thanks for watching!
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