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CoffeeMan and the Coffee Nation

No description

CoffeeMan World.com

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of CoffeeMan and the Coffee Nation

{ O U R C O F F E E P L A N T A T I O N } { R I C H S O I L A N D C R A F T M A N S H I P } 1970 1982 2011 2002 Is from the finest soil that the finest beans sprout. In the Coffee Nation, our soil is rich from generations of devotion, know-how and conviction for what we do. Worldwide acclaimed for its clean taste, balanced medium body, delicious aroma and hidden notes. Our *single origin grain owes its flavor and qualities to the countries geographic location and soil characteristics which provide the necessary conditions to craft an excellent flavor inside the cherry bean.

This in addition to a long-standing tradition that has gathered generations for more than 300 years around the noble craft. { S I N G L E O R I G I N } { C O L O M B I A N C H O I C E B E A N S } { C H O O S E Y O U R C O F F E E E X P E R I E N C E } S A M P L E M E N U Autumn - Winter { R E P R E S E N T A T I V E T E A M I N C H I N A } Escape the line Tired of his unsatisfying, office-bound life and driven by a fiery ambition for adventure, Coffee Man decided to go back to his roots and true passions . He set out on an epic journey to chase a dream inspired and powered by coffee. *Single-origin coffee refers to a exquisite and consistent kind of coffee grown within a single known geographical origin carrying a distinctive flavor print "One type of bean from one area of one farm, roasted one way." Oh, unfading glory! Standard 1,000, 500, 250 grams bags (grains) sealed in polyaluvel complex with flavour-lock valve to ensure the preservation of the product's organoleptic qualities . And 150 grams gift-box presentation (smooth ground coffee). The bag that contains the rich beans ; our unmistakable presence on any shelf in the world
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