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Business Pitch

Rahel Ruff

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Kindergarten

Welcome Maximilian Blindow
Rahel Ruff
Gyoergy Weidemann Put yourself in the following situation... ...successful Manager ...loving parent and a you are HELP! ...you cannot manage
both at the same time. Problem Current situation in Germany. 160.000 kindergarten places missing. 1 out of 3 children gets a place. What really matters... Forecast Finance Solvency Assets 1. Building: 1.200.000
2. Land: 250.000
3. Equipment: 155.000
4. Various: 30.000 1.300.000 Over 100.000€/year
High initial investment needed
Return on investment 12-14% Profit Securities High demand
Big target group
Unique concept
low risk investment Dept ratio =1,3/1,7 x 100
=76% Thank you for your attention! Kid's Academy Hamburg 1.635.000 Children promoting act becames effective in August of 2013 Hamburg 38% 60% Let's take a closer look 15,000 kindergarten places missing that.... More and more parents want to work full time Amount of working mothers with... ...at least one child < 3 ...at least one child 3 - < 6 50,6% 58,3% Flexible opening times (62% would make use of it) Market share Hamburg Online Marketing Marketing Referral Marketing Local Marketing Direct Marketing Competitive advantage Different approaches
Modern technology Mission statement "We want to offer high premium daycare solutions which meet the needs of individuals and companies alike by providing unique benefits for all children." Individuals & companies Website
Search engine
Social media Companies Visiting companies
Presentation of business concept Individuals Cooperation with other institutions Individuals Local events
Local newspaper HR Management Management level Operational level Marketing, Finance, Sales & HRM only 3 premium kindergartens estimated demand for premium places: 1500 Total of 1054 kindergarten´s Out of these kindergarten´s, which are mostly owned by churches or other non-governmental institutions... only 27% on average are open until 4pm the rest closes before 4pm! This makes it impossible for most to combine family and careers.... considering... currently more than 1.5 million mum´`s would like to work but are not able to do so !! and that: This is why Hamburg needs it´s Kid's Academy Hamburg Linked to Hamburg´s business world Balance sheet Liabilities Owners' Equity: 400.000
Profit reserve: -65.000
Bank Loan: 1.300.000 1.635.000 Profit and loss account Profit of over 100.000 € Total debt/total assets Debt Ratio: Staff expenses 769.560€
Outsourced staff expenses 36.000€
Water & electricity 24.000€
Insurance 6.000€
Transportation 2.500€
Maintenance 3.500€
Marketing costs 5.000€ Operating expenses: 841.560 Costs of purchases: 179.200€ +2% yearly Food 158.400€
Replacing toys, pens etc. 10.800€
Items of daily use 10.000€ Costs of doing business Finance Forecast Profit margin of: 10-14% Return on investment of: 12-14% Forecast What we offer: extended opening times
highly skilled employees
sustainable food
bilingual education
great facilities special education courses
sports classes
shuttle service employer branding shortage of skilled workforce source of financing
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