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Carter Heekin

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of Renaissance

6 Characteristics
Renaissance Art
The six characteristics of the Renaissance are the main differences from Medieval art.
Focus on the present and on physical objects, especially the human form.
Artists were supported for what they did.
Artists worked for their own glory, and usually not solely to worship God.
Renaissance art was far more realistic.
Renaissance painters often painted people of important secular positions, such as kings.
Painting and sculpture were the main focus as far as art.
Sandro Botticelli
Leonardo da Vinci
Albrecht Durer
Jan van Eyck
Peter Brueghel
He was famous for painting details that showed movement. When he converted to Christianity, his paintings were more religiously based instead of being of mythological concepts and figures.
He was talented in many areas: sculpting, arcitechture, painting, music, anatomy, geology and engineering to name a few. In his early adulthood he was in the Florentine painters' guild, but he felt far too limited there, so he left in 1482 and went to Milan.
He was extremely skilled in sculpting, and when he proved to be incompetent in school, he was entered into the Florentine painters' guild, where he was noticed by Lorenzo di Medici, who adopted him into his own family.
Works Cited
He was one of many who painted realisticly, but also tried to show the peaceful joy in life.
Carter Heekin
Mr. Lynch
19 July 2015
Western Civilization 9
He was good at portraying the personality of the people he painted.
He, like da Vinci, was skilled in many areas like painting, but also was good at carving.
One of the first to use oil paint for a far more realistic look than even before.
Painted simple common places and scenes such as the event in this painting.
He was very good at sculpting, and he was known for his freestanding statues. His sculptures inspired by his observations of Roman ones, but his were more realistic.
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