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"Rains"- Ryan, Heather, Eojin

No description

Heather M

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of "Rains"- Ryan, Heather, Eojin

Description: Everyone is happy, kids are playing catch and the parents are doing chores. (Music: Happy Instrumental)

Camera Description: Establishing shot, long, shot, high angle, high key lighting

Extra Note: Establishes "undeveloped" setting

Caption: House, weather is good
Setting: House, anywhere, set in future
"There Will Come Soft Rains"

"There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury

Heather, Ryan, and Eojin
Period: 6
Theme: Technology created with good intentions can have bad repercussions.
Scene 2 Shot 1
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: This scene shows how helpful the house is and the "good" attributes (helpful, informative, etc.) of technology. (Music: Happy Instrumental)

Camera description: Point-of-view shot, high key lighting, long shot.

Extra Note: Camera zooms back to everybody outside, helps establish setting

Caption: House, weather is good (Assess this shot)
Scene 3 Shot 1
Setting: House (External)

Description: Kids are playing catch, then see girl's eye with reflection of bomb/explosion. Everything moves slower, colors get darker... (Music: Electric Funeral)

Camera description: Zoom in on girl's eye, close up, eye-level, low angle, low key lighting.

Extra Notes: Screen goes black right after colors start to fade, part of conflict/character

Caption: House, weather turns stormy and gray (Assess this shot)
Scene 4 Shot 1
Setting: House (External)
Description: After screen goes black, start camera at door, zoom out to the rest of the town to show destruction. Everything is light gray or black. (Music: Violin or Chaos)

Camera Description: Medium shot, zoom out to long shot, high angle, low key lighting.

Extra Note: Part of the "developed" setting

Caption: House, weather is stormy
Scene 5 Shot 1
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: House is making eggs and bacon. The house says what time it is and states appointments and schedules. (Music: Hyperfun)

Camera Description: Eye-level, medium shot, low key lighting

Extra note: Helps develop conflict.

Caption: House, early morning
Scene 5 Shot 2
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: The house disposes of the food made for breakfast. (Music: Hyperfun)

Camera Description: Eye-level, medium angle, low key lighting

Extra Note: Helps develop conflict.

Caption: House, morning
Scene 5 Shot 3
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: The mice clean inside of the house. (Music: Hyperfun)

Camera description: Tracking shot (following mice), zoom in on mice, low key lighting

Extra Note: Helps develop conflict

Caption: House, morning, "raining"
Scene 6 Shot 1
Setting: Outside House
Description: Radioactive glow shows when the sun comes out. As the radioactive glow gets more noticeable, the music starts playing (Music: String Impromptu No.1)

Camera Description: Long shot, high angle shot, low key lighting

Some Types of Modern Houses. Digital image. Http://indulgy.ccio.co/. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 26. <http://indulgy.ccio.co/35/LE/jA/SomeTypesofModernHouses.jpg>.

Hiroshima after Atomic Bomb. Digital image. Gwu.edu. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 27. <http://www2.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB162/hiroshima-2f.jpg>.
Setting: House (External)
Description: Camera shows silhouettes of people on side of house, and people are in white while rest of wall is light grey. Music: (Dad: mowing lawn, Mom: gardening, Kids: playing catch). (Music: String Impromptu No.1 and Human)

Camera Description: Eye-level, long shot, low key lighting , camera turns from radioactive glow
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: Dog comes into house tired, is looking for his owners. Dog is hysterical, and "simply" (understated) dies. Colors are dark, mood is unemotional. (Music: Lord of the Land and Human)

Camera Description: Eye-level, track, medium shot, low key lighting

Setting: House (Internal)
Description: After dog dies, mice dispose of dog quickly and without emotion. Colors dull and dark. (Music: Dark Fog and Human)

Camera Description: Low angle, Medium shot, Low key lighting, zoom on mice carrying dog away.
Setting: House (Internal)
Description: Bathtubs fill with water, and poem is read. The poem symbolizes how nature is better off without us. (Music: Undaunted)

Camera Description: Point-of-view, medium shot, low key lighting, low angle
Setting: House (External)
Description: Tree falls through window of house, house spill solvent, house sets on fire because
water runs out
. Suspenseful mood. (Music: Black Vortex)

Camera Description: High angle, zoom out on house, low key lighting

Extra Note: Is the climax when water runs out, right after house sets on fire, fire takes over screen and screen goes black
Setting: House (External)
Description: One wall remains, and "dawn shone faintly in the east" (31). Mood is slightly more hopeful... (Music: Past the Edge)

Camera Description: Point-of-view, close up, low key lighting (but gets slightly brighter), long shot, looking at sun.
Setting: House (External)
Description: Wall repeats "Today is April 29th, 1984" (31) over and over again. Mood is depressing, but getting slightly more hopeful. (Music: Lone Harvest)

Camera Description: Zoom out, medium shot, "medium" key lighting.
Scene 10 Shot 2
Scene 10 Shot 1
Scene 9 Shot 1
Scene 8 Shot 1
Scene 7 Shot 2
Scene 7 Shot 1
Scene 6 Shot 2
Setting: A house, anywhere, set in future
Protagonist: House
Conflict: Person vs. self (technology (good) vs. technology (bad))
Climax: House sets on fire (house runs out of water
Resolution: Everything is basically destroyed except for one wall
Character changes:
-physical: house burns
-analytical: technology can have bad effects
-character: helpful & useful, but can be harmful, destructive, unemotional, and is "artificially" intelligent
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