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EPSF PD Committee

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May MOhamed

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of EPSF PD Committee

Section C: Patient Counseling
EPSF 2012-13 Patient counseling can be considered as a skill or an art, but it would not be effective if it didn’t come straight from the heart. Special effort needs to be made by the community pharmacist to promote patient counseling before trying out ways to convince patient to seek communication. The pharmacist must first relieve ‘’Why’’ it is necessary to promote patient counseling, what is needed to provide good patient counseling. Section G: Awards for winners of national competition
1-The 3 champions who will represent Egypt and EPSF in International Patient Counseling Event during the 59th IPSF World Congress in August in the Netherlands.

2-The 3 champions will take courses & training that will provide them with more experience.

3-The 3 champions will receive electronic prizes.
Profession Development Section E: Awareness Patient education Program
"Stage II" •Target: poorly educated patients and their families with chronic disease.

•The Participants: will be the 3 winners from each local school of pharmacy

•Duration of the program: 3 weeks

About the program

It is the program which will educate those Poor educational patients and their families about their illness and empower them to become involved with treatment planning and management.

Specifically, we expect that a well-designed and well-delivered patient education program will lead to:

1.Improved relationships (therapeutic alliances) among the patients, families, physicians and other clinicians.
2.More active and full participation of patients and families in treatment, including better self-management of symptoms and side effects.
3.Improved adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen.
4.Improved patient/family skills in chronic disease management. Section F: National Patient Counseling

‘’Stage III & Stage IV’’ Stage III

Semi - Final competition between the best 75 pharmacy undergraduate students from different colleges in order to have the best nine from them all over the Egypt

Stage IV

Final competition between the best nine in order to have the best three pharmacy undergraduate students all over Egypt. Students in the Patient Counselling field will represent the Egyptian pharmacy students on the international level. Patient Counseling Event
2012-2013 Section B: Vision and Mission of Patient Counseling -Vision

To demonstrate the importance of pharmacists as public educators, also to change the profession from pharmacy education to Pharmacy Practice and to encourage and promote the development of pharmacy profession in Egypt.

Also to advocate a shift in pharmacy practice towards a patient focusing rather than a product focusing and to change the Pharmacist from a Dispenser to a Counsellor ‘’Health Care Provider‘’. Section A: About Patient Counseling Being a pharmacist is a responsibility we agreed to hold since our 1st day in this career, and it is not an easy one, we could draw smiles, relieve pains, and save lives.
As we try everyday to be better persons, better pharmacists to serve our EGYPT
Dear Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students all Over Egypt,
Let us proudly present EPSF annual HUGE event: Patient counseling Section D: Local Patient Counseling
‘’Stage I’’ Patient Counseling 2012-2013 will be held on several stages to ensure the quality of the winners

-Stage I:

-The competition is done locally in the 23 schools of pharmacy in order to have the best three pharmacy undergraduate students from each school of pharmacy all over Egypt.

-Before the Competition there will be a workshop on
‘’How to become a Counsellor Pharmacist? ‘’

Workshop will include sessions on
a) Basics of ethical patient counseling.
b) Ethical and communications skill in community Pharmacy.
c) Over the Counter drugs ‘’O.T.C’’. Section A: About Patient Counseling.

Section B: Vision & Mission of Patient Counseling.

Section C: Patient Counseling in EPSF 2012-13.

Section D: Local Patient Counseling ‘’Stage I’’.

Section E: Awareness Patient Education Program '’Stage II’’.

Section F: National Patient Counseling ‘’Stage III & Stage IV’’.

Section G: Awards for winners of national competition. Patient Counseling Event is one of the main projects of the Professional Development Committee in Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (EPSF) as assigned by the International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (IPSF).

Patient Counseling Event is utilized to provide the pharmaceutical students with the scientific data they need to provide the counseling for patients and also the skills they will need to deliver this scientific data including the presentation skills, negotiation skills, body language control and other skills.
Patient counselling Event would serve to not only help educating the patients about their medications, but also to open communication lines further between the pharmacist and the patient. This would allow the pharmacist to give better health care as he/she would be better informed of the patients’ overall health, and could further help the patient for leading a healthier life -Mission

Being the EPSF, an organization that represents more than 50,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates in 25 schools of pharmacy all around Egypt, we are committed to developing excellence in pharmacy education. Patient Counseling is an annual national competition organized by the EPSF, gathering pharmacy students all over the republic competing on several stages to make filtration for them in order to raise the quality of the best three pharmacy students in the Patient Counseling field who will represent the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation on the international level. a. Workshops provided to the students
b. Local competition
c. Awareness program
d. National Competition Notes:
- Maximum Number of attendees is 40.
- Minimum Number of attendees is 25. Criteria of the Participants:

-Preferred to have a previous history of training in community pharmacy.
-Preferred to be fluent in English.
-Participants starting from grade 2.
- Enough Knowledge about Patient Counseling
- Available to travel to attend in International Patient Counseling Event during the 59th IPSF World Congress in August in the Netherlands. 1- In Publication of the event, each local association will mainly focus of announcing the Competition ‘’in order to get the most interested students‘’.

2-Before the beginning of the workshop the president or chairperson of public relations of the association must give an Intro about EPSF ‘’with the given Data ‘’.

3-The Case will be sent to the participants within 24 hour before the competition.

4-Local competition must be held in English. Plan of the program

1st week: Introduction to patient education.

Discuss medication and Duration of drug therapy
•Special directions and precautions for preparation of drugs.
• Administration and use by the patient.
• Common severe side effects/adverse effects.
• Interactions and therapeutic contraindications that may be countered (including their avoidance and the action required if they occur).
• Techniques for self-monitoring drug therapy.
• Proper storage.
• Refill information.
• Appropriate action in case of a missed dose.

2nd week: Individual patient follow up

3rd week: Ongoing education ‘’ Provide more info on Life style ‘’ Conclusion: It will have two way benefits; undergraduate pharmacists will practice what they have learned and get ready for National Competition. Also to help those Patients that are neglected and supportive care don’t reach them to be aware enough on their illness. By this way we serve our community, by this way we demonstrate the importance of pharmacists as public educators, and to encourage and promote the development of the pharmacy profession in Egypt. By this way we ensure the quality of the winners and the quality of Patient counseling in Egypt.

AS Our Target for this year:
The International Patient Counseling Competition is organized by the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF).
Hopefully the winners will be from Egypt to improve that we are well educated Pharmacists. For further details , Kindly Contact

May Mohamed Hassan 01095695791 - Professional Development Working Group
Maha Samir 01061740645 - Professional Development Working Group

Nehal Mahmoud - Chairperson of Professional Development 2012-2013
Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student Federation (EPSF)
Mobile: 0100-2449884
Mail : pd@e-psf.org
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