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Power Interviewing

Closing the deal on your next job interview

Trina Stanford

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of Power Interviewing

Celebrate! An interview is an accomplishment

Maintain class & dignity

(Respectfully) ask for feedback or direction

Co-opt! Bring interviewer(s) into your network

Express continued interest in the company

Regroup , Assess & Move on…

If you don’t get the job…Never assume defeat!
Conquering The Nerves….

Everyone LOVES Job Interviews….

“Interviews don’t always find the best candidate.”

“I never know how to act around these people! ”

“They’re wasting my time, they’re going to hire someone they know anyway.”
Company Men

“The guy interviewing me was a complete moron.”

Is Interviewing The Problem?

Power Interviewing:
Closing The Deal

Trina Stanford
Employment Trainer
Pinecrest- Queensway Employment Services

Rhonda Beauregard
Program Manager


Trina Stanford
Employment Trainer

Thank You

The REAL Questions

Why are you here?

What can you do for us?

What kind of person are you (the eight factors)?

What distinguishes you from the other 19 people who can do your job?

Can I afford you and will you stick around?

Do you have the required job skills?

What are they really asking…

Know Yourself

Know the Job

Know the Company






Power Post Game

Get the name and contact information of interviewers

Send a thank you, which highlights at least two specific contributions you can make based on the interview.

Try to co-opt interviewers into your network even if you don’t get the job.

Power Performance

Body Language! What is it saying about you?

Be ready for the questions!

Have examples and stories ready

Power Interview Process

… It’s as easy as 1-2-3






Closing & Evaluation

Open Discussion: What are YOUR concerns?

Welcome & Introduction

Body Language Discussion

Power Interview Process



Whoever decided to call them job interviews rather than job inquisitions never actually went through one.

Welcome to Power Interviewing


"There was a customer who came in and wanted to return some items..."


”As a result, the customer went away satisfied and pleased that I could solve her problem.”

S-A-R: Keep yourself on track!

While you’re preparing to fight the dragons it’s the mosquitoes that get you!

--Richard Nelson Bolles

ALWAYS treat everyone you meet as though they are the hiring manager for the job

WARNING: Power Failure

ALWAYS have specific examples, stories and tangible evidence to offer in your answers

NEVER forget to thank the interviewers and re-state your interest in the position

NEVER say anything negative about your former boss, colleagues or company

ALWAYS show interest and enthusiasm. Be the candidate who wants THIS Job, not A Job!

ALWAYS arrive on-time and at the proper location for the interview

NEVER bring up salary, benefits or perks until you’ve been offered the job

Wing- It








Power Boost ! Get Psyched up!
Have no (or only self- interested) questions

Overdress, misdress or underdress

Are visibly nervous and try to ignore it

Respond to questions like a drone

Are withdrawn, disinterested or unengaged

Research the company, not themselves

PQES 2015
Power Prep!
“I feel like I’m going to puke”
“I sweat like a drug addict”

“My hands shake”
“My voice shakes”

“My mind becomes a black hole of nonsense”
“I don’t remember what I said”
The Seven Factors

Enthusiasm & Perseverance

Communication & People Skills

Record of Success & Accomplishments

Rational/Critical Thinking

Maturity & Professionalism

Planning & Organization

Reaction to Pressure, Stress & Conflict

We Will…
Many interviewees...
Know ourselves and our accomplishments
Learn to work with signs of nervousness
Dress a notch over company’s everyday wear
Have a two-way conversation; Be Likeable
Have insightful, engaging questions
Show enthusiasm and that you want this job!
Power prepare and practice answers and stories

1. Your Name

2. Three words that describe you

3. What type of job are you looking for?
Interview Test
Have great questions for them
What is your body language saying about you?
"Tell me about Yourself.."

“I calmly explained our return policy and told her I could give her a gift card for her return...”

Do you get interviews, but not the job
Stay on Track with Behavioral Interview Questions
How's it going?
Core Message is..
Skills and Experience
2-5 Years of experience in Bookkeeping
Experience in using, Quickbooks
and MS Excel
Diploma in Accounting
Good organizational skills
French speaking skills are an asset
Over 5 years of bookkeeping experience performing such duties as Accounts payable/Receivable, payroll for 120 employees, and financial reports for monthly and yearly HST/QST reports.
5 years of experience using Quickbooks to handle all bookkeeping duties . Advanced Excel experience including creation of charts and graphs and use of pivot tables. Created spreadsheets with over 500 formulas.
Diploma in Accounting from Algonquin college

Bachelors in Business from Lahore University, Pakistan
Filing-both electronically and paper files
Scheduling for payments, reports and filings
Keep detailed calendar with all meetings and events
Project Management for new software implentation
Strong interest and willingness to learn French
Match "Knowing You" and "Knowing the Role"
Tell me about a time you had an angry customer.
How did you handle that?
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