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Open Books

Creative Introduction

Caterina Merenda

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Open Books

My name is Caterina Merenda.

I figure that it's best for you to know a little bit about me before I dive into the professional aspect of my life.

Reading has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I truly believe my days spent reading have developed me mentally and have cultivated the person I am today. I also like to think of myself as a film buff and especially have a soft spot for classics.

I am also very fond of music and have been playing jazz saxophone for several years.

If I don't have my nose in a book or making music, you'll most likely catch me strolling through nature on any summer's day.
A Perfect Match
DePaul University
Marketing Manager
Open Books Ltd.
A Glimpse Into My Story
My experience:
meetings and events experience
multi-person meeting to large-scale event planning
special projects management
nonprofit experience
passion and creativity
Marketing Manager
Marketing and Media
My experience:
advertising placement & research
managing event calendars
assisting with development and marketing tactics
letter writing
Postal Service mailings
email communications and invitations (Constant Contact)
online community outreach
media outreach
design & edit of event materials
experience working with marketing representatives from different industries
segmented letter writing & request mailing
Social Venture Support
My experience:
fundraising efforts
individual fundraising campaigns & donor/volunteer cultivation
event planning,
Chicago Chefs Spring Into Action
marketing tactics
building relationships
volunteer support
Public Relations & Advertising
June 2014
Here's a little insight into why I'm the perfect candidate for Open Books: not only do I have a passion for nonprofits and literature, but I also possess a majority of qualifications fit for this position. My experience and insight would help Open Books promote literacy and education for the greater good of Chicago.
Public Relations and Event Planning Intern, Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network

Meetings and Events Assistant, DePaul University

Communications Intern, Chicago's 43rd Ward
Community Outreach!
Make a Connection
Calendar management
& organization!
Event coordinating & marketing!
Thank You

Working for Open Books would be a privilege and an amazing experience, both for myself and the organization.

My skills, expertise, and fresh creative talent will bring new and fun ideas to the table! Open Books has intrigued me as a unique and interesting nonprofit. I would be marketing education and literacy, which are causes I truly care about.

I'd like to thank you for reviewing my creative introduction.

Caterina Merenda
Get In Touch
Caterina Merenda
Public Relations & Advertising
College of Communications
DePaul University, 2014

T: 708.845.1564
E: caterinamerenda@att.net
: www.linkedin.com/in/
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