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Single-Sex Schools

No description

Pelin Akkaya

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Single-Sex Schools

One should not attend to a single sex school as it leads to social and psychological problems and it affects success in a harmful way
Psychological Problems
Psychological problems like depression, lack of confidence and being unable to look from the opposite gender's point of view can be caused by a single sex school.
No Success
A single sex school can affect success in education, work and family in a harmful way.
Social Problems
Single sex schools can lead to social problems at home, at work and in society.
By: Pelin Akkaya
Single-Sex Schools
In Society
One can't fulfill the opposite sex's needs because he/she doesn't know the other gender
Not knowing his/her collegues problems with the opposite gender, creates disturbance.
He/she doesn't know the other gender, so he/she can't show the respect that is needed.
Points Of View
Lack Of Confidence
One can't know what to do or how to treat to the opposite gender so love may be one-sided and it can create depression
Not knowing how to look from the eyes of the opposite gender will make them harder to understand.
In a group of both genders, one can't be able to express him/herself and it'll lead to uncomfortable environment
Learning things with the other sex makes one succeed in many places as it gives him/her a chance to learn like the opposite gender
Growing up with the group works which is done with the other sex makes one work in harmony afterwards
To grow up with the other sex and getting a chance to get to know them, will help when it comes to building a relationship and a family
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