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Anna's Language Journey

No description

Katlyn Stoneman

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Anna's Language Journey

Olga's Language Journey
A Case Study Analysis by Katlyn Stoneman
Where it started
English classes started at age 9
medical school
travel (esp. New Zealand and Europe)
Where it is now
married, they understand each other, will live in U.S. long-term
taking classes
book discussions at the library
How she got here
use of communication strategies
great tutor leading up to moving here
willingness to communicate (input/output)
motivation (instrumental and integrative)
Background of Learner
woman in upper 40s from Russia
highly proficient in L1 (BICS and CALP), attended medical school (well educated)
moved to the U.S. last year
Final Case Study
Katlyn Stoneman
ENG 262
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