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Nutrition Labels

A health education presentation on understanding and using nutrition labels for fifth graders.

Abbie Foristal

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels What is nutrition? anything that nourishes; nourishment; food Why do you want to
know what you should
eat? The Food Pyramid How do you know
what to eat? How do you know
that what you eat
has what you need? What is a calorie? A quantity of food capable of producing
such an amount of energy. Need energy to fuel life. So how many calories
should you consume
in one day? 10 year old, moderately active
boy.... 1,800 - 2,200 For our activity
we will use
2,000 calories. 3 Meals

500 Calories Each 1,500 Calories 2 Snacks

250 Calories Each 500 Calories 3 Meals + 2 Snacks = 2,000 Calories (Daily Intake)

1,500 + 500 = 2,000

% Percentage of Daily Value Calories In Serving/Total Daily Intake


% Daily Value Activity:

Size of Serving
Amount of Servings
Amount of Calories Activity:

How many calories?
% Daily Value
Snack or Meal

250/2,000 = 12.5% What did you
learn? Apple: 130 Calories
Cheese: 80 Calories

130 + 80 = 210 Calories

210/2,000 = 10.5% Daily Value 3 Meals and 2 Snacks a Day
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