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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

TDEV 410 01W - L. Waller Utilizing Eff Inst Tech Utilizing Eff Inst Tech

Cynthia Pinkston

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
This style of learner is sensitive to rhythm and sound.

This learner loves music but is also sensitive to environmental sounds. They will most likely study with music in the background.

They are better taught by applying lessons to music and lyrics.

Tools used for this learner include musical instruments, stereo, multimedia, radio.
This style learner uses his/her entire or parts of their body to gain understanding
of a topic or concept.

They use their bodies to solve problems, create things and act out productions. The majority of concepts best learned or mastered are taught through hands on projects and group work.

This style learner is either an athlete, persons in performing arts, dancers and actors.
This style of learner thinks in terms of physical space and are very aware of their environments

These learners like to draw, solve jigsaw puzzles, and read maps

A daydreamer that learns best through drawings, verbal & physical imagery

These learners are taught best with tools like video, models, charts, photographs, graphics, drawings
Intrapersonal learners are particularly determined and can work well with personal deadlines and goals. They may shy away from others and find it easier to work alone and quietly.

This learner has the capacity to be self-aware and is in tune with their inner feelings, values, beliefs and thinking processes.

Careers that Intrapersonal learners excel in actor, actress, self-employed, detective, counselor, social worker, philosopher, inventor, planner, researcher, psychologist and trainers....just to name a few.
Involves the transfer of information through writing, reading, and listening to the spoken word such as conversations, debate and discussions.

Careers that Verbal-Linguistic learners excel in are journalists, librarians, commentator, administrator, salesperson, counselor, lawyer, public speaker, web editor, radio announcer and even teacher!
This learner has the skill and ability to recognize patterns in nature and differences among natural objects and life-forms.

They enjoy identifying members of particular plant or animal species, classifying natural forms, rocks, types of mountains and the likes.

Naturalist are great at applying their knowledge of nature in such activities as farming, landscaping, or animal training
This style learner has the ability to understand other people.

This learner can easily put themselves in the other party's position or train of thought in order to understand their point of view and the reasoning behind it.

This characteristic is a great asset possessed by teachers, salespeople, counselors and clergy.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences / Learning Styles
This style learner utilizes and is best at reasoning & calculating.

These learners think conceptually, abstractly and are able to see and explore patterns and relationships.

They like to experiment, solve puzzles, ask cosmic questions.

They can be taught through logic games, investigations and mysteries.
Understanding and applying Gardner's Multiple Intelligences or Gardner's Learning Styles is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher because all learner's learn differently. And ultimately, as the teacher, their is one simple measure of our success. The students!

The goal is to be an effective teacher therefore, it is important that I am able to meet, challenge and teach each learner at a level where he/she is motivated and best able to learn most effectively.
This learner has sensitivity and the capacity to tackle deep questions.

These learners enjoy answering questions such as Why are we here? and/or What is the meaning of life?
Watch this brief YouTube video which give examples of ways MI's have been illustrated in movies and box office hits.
The End
What are Gardner's Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles?
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