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Escape: Children Of The Holocaust

No description

Drew Waycaster

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Escape: Children Of The Holocaust

I won't let the nazi's take me! The first story is about how David Wolkowitz
must hide from nazi soldiers and stay alive. There
are many flashbacks, telling what happened when he
was younger and what happened to his parents. Background information The holocaust was caused because Hitler couldn't
believe Germany lost the war fairly. He convinced
everyone that the Jews, among other people, were
to blame. Time capsule One thing they might want to put in a time capsule might be their worn out shoes, to show how much some had to walk in death marches. Maybe also one of the "censored letters". Escape quack < Genocide- the
deliberate killing of
a large group of
people. Significant quote "She knew exactly why he hit her: He's lashing out from his own guilt and frustration. He's angry he'll have my death on his conscience."
The author tells us that some people knew each other and they would fell guilt for killing their friends, also the author reminds us that some people were beaten for nothing that they did wrong. The poster can be found at:
The rest of the information mainly came from my book, barnesandnoble.com/w/survivors-allan-zullo/1101405927 (which can also be found by this link)
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