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Art Exhibit

No description

Ryan Wood

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Art Exhibit

The Best Renaissance Art You Will Ever See
Giovanni Bellini
"The Feast of the Gods"
Albrecht Durer
"Adoration of the Trinity"

Pieter Bruegel
Art Exhibit
By Ryan Wood and Saja Hijaz

"The Adoration of Magi"

Describe the work (AT LEAST FOUR details or special characteristics that make this Renaissance art)
1. Shows daily life
2. has some depth
3. Uses shadows
4. Uses a sense of realism
Why do you like the work (EXPLAIN TWO very good reasons) “NOT it’s pretty”.
The painting is busy in a sense that there is a lot going on. It is not just a portrait of a rich face.
The painting show the actual lives of the people, not what we are told they do.

"Dome of the Old Sacristy"
Describe the work
1. The piece of art is a dome
2. There are frescoes
3. The frescoes show realism
4. Lines pointing towards the center adds perspective
Why do you like the artwork?
The frescoes are very detailed. The whole done is symmetrical. Each circle in the corners are different.
Describe the work
1. The painting shows realism and is very detailed.
2. The work is secular and shows some people in their daily life.
3. The painting uses shadows to create depth.
4. All of the faces are different and show different emotions
Why do you like the work?
The painting is very colorful. The painting is very realistic.The work shows an event, not just a person.
Describe the work.
1. Your eye is being drawn into Jesus by the lines of people.
2. Most likely commissioned by someone in the church.
3. Each body shape is different.
4. The bodies are proportionate.
Why do you like this work?
The work is very colorful and bright giving it a sense of happiness. The painting is heavenly. The use of shadows adds depth.
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