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Living Human Document - Holly

No description

Abigail Weybright

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Living Human Document - Holly

developed firstborn characteristics
mom's helper
enjoyed helping siblings
had to take care of siblings a lot, gave her experience with injuries
met her husband at hospital
married in 1951
4 kids
lived in LA
divorced 1971
moved back to central IL
worked as nurse till 70
enjoys traveling
9 different countries in 6 years
Hawaii is her favorite place
formative trips for her
elementary - wanted to be a nurse

during WWII government paid for her nursing school
graduated in 1946 and became an RN
Living Human Document - Holly
Born: Nov. 14, 1924 on farm in Findlay, Il
2nd oldest out of 7
gardened, took care of animals, sold food at market, cared for siblings
he drove ambulance
kids ages 5-15
hardest part was moving across country with young kids
felt like his parents never liked her
didn't really like living in the city near his family
big family influenced passion for working with and helping people
trips were very educational
thinks money should be spent on traveling
Present Day
be thankful for every day
do what I want to do
appreciate my experiences in life
has cancer, second round of chemo
all women she knows follow their husbands around
don't waste my money on material things because eventually I'll have to give those up
reserved, didn't go in depth, just stated facts
asked a lot of questions on why I was interviewing her

appreciate people and experiences
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