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How to Annotate Text

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Frank Ward

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Annotate Text

How and Why We Annotate Text
ANNOTATE TEXT: What is it?
ANNOTATE TEXT: Why we do it?
Helps break down difficult text
Saves time later
Makes it easier to identify and cite important textual evidence
ANNOTATE TEXT: How to do it
Active reading strategy
Take notes directly on the text
Having a "conversation" with the author
Annotated Text
1. Underline important information
Do NOT underline everything
Only underline important information that you feel you MUST remember or might need later
2. Circle what you do not understand
Concepts (ideas, events, longer passages)
3. Make comments/ask questions in margins
Comments should be MEANINGFUL.

Do NOT write: This sucks; This is stupid; I don't get it.

Try to make connections to other events (text-to-text/world)
3. Make comments/ask questions in margins
Questions should go "deeper" and beyond the text.

Maybe ask something such as:
"Why did Joe do X instead of doing Y?"
"Couldn't they have done Z instead?"
3. Make comments/ask questions in margins
Questions should be INSIGHTFUL

Do NOT simply ask: Why? Why do this? What's the point?

Do NOT ask obvious questions or try creating "test questions."
4.Write down the CENTRAL IDEA.
You should write down the central idea of each "section" as you annotate.

You also should write down the central idea of the text as a whole at the end.
4. Write down the CENTRAL IDEA
Central Idea: The central, or main, thought of a text.

Summarize it in one or two sentences.
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