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Frank Marshall Davis

No description

Erin Uyeda

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Frank Marshall Davis

By: Erin Uyeda
Period:5/English 3
May 17, 2013 Frank Marshall Davis
(December 31, 1905- July 296, 1987) Lived in Kansas
Attended Friends University (Wichita),
Kansas State Agriculture University
Married to Helen
Died of a Heart Attack
From Arkansas city, Kansas Life Story Eagerly
Like a woman hurrying to her lover
Night comes to the room of the world
And lies, yielding and content
Against the cool round face
Of the moon.
Night is a curious child, wandering
Between earth and sky, creeping
In windows and doors, daubing
The entire neighborhood
With purple paint.
Is an apologetic mother
Cloth in hand
Following after.
From door to door
Night sells
Black bags of peppermint stars
Heaping cones of vanilla moon
His wares are gone
Then shuffles homeward
Jingling the gray coins
Of daybreak.
Night’s brittle song, sliver-thin
Shatters into a billion fragments
Of quiet shadows
At the blaring jazz
Of a morning sun. Four Glimpses of Night Poem Shows different views of night
Meaningful Poems (poems about his life) Intrigued because... Works Cited Literary Work Summer of 1935: "Black Man’s Verse"
(Combination of Jazz, free verse and racial cruelty)
1937: "I Am the American Negro"
(Harsh racism)
1948: "47th street"
(united people by class, not color)
1978: "Awakening, and Other poems" Davis, Frank M. "Black Moods: Collected Poems (American Poetry Recovery Series) [Paperback]." Black Moods: Collected Poems (American Poetry Recovery Series): Frank Marshall Davis, John Tidwell: 9780252074684: Amazon.com: Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 May 2013.

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