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Future Earth

No description

Saskia Heijltjes

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Future Earth

Why? Who?
What? A critical juncture for humanity: pace and scale of change exceed safe planetary boundaries 17 individual capacity members, 12 ex-officio (ICSU, ISSC, Belmont Forum, UNESCO, UNU, UNEP) and Global Environmental Change Programmes Directors 6 Design Future Earth - research for global sustainability Will provide the knowledge required for societies in the world to face risks posed by global environmental change and to seize opportunities in a transition to global sustainability Future Earth delivering interdisciplinary research on global environmental change for sustainable development
strengthening partnership between researchers/funders/users (co-design)
merging ICSU-sponsored GEC programmes, and attracting new activities / institutions / capacity Future Earth: a global platform
for international research coordination Transition Team Timeline towards implementation A number of “integrated research” themes:

thematic areas in which interdisciplinary research will be carried out
populated by existing/new projects
each overseen by a research committee
a number of key questions under each theme Organizing Future Earth research Such as:
How can humanity feed a growing population within sustainable boundaries of the Earth?
How can we adapt to a 3 – 4 °C warmer world?
How can the world economy stimulate innovation processes and support transformation to global sustainability? Answering big societal questions The research framework is currently being discussed by the Transition Team and will be finalized after online and regional consultations Research strategy
Institutional design
Outreach/education/stakeholders Transition Team deliverables An overall plan with focus on first 3-year implementation by December 2012 Research Establishing a governance structure Coming soon Next steps A framework to unify existing bodies A global alliance Future Earth
Sign up for the Future Earth newsletter
Follow @ICSUnews and #FutureEarth on Twitter How you can take part http://www.icsu.org/future-earth Establishment of Future Earth Interim Secretariat (January 2013)
Future Earth symposium at AAAS annual meeting (February 2013)
European ICSU Members Meeting (May 2013) Design Why? Who?
What? Research Next steps Future Earth - research for global sustainability
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