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Tweak: Nic Sheff

No description

kristen Muller

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Tweak: Nic Sheff

By: Nic Sheff Nic Sheff and his dad David Sheff Nic Sheff started doing drugs and drinking heavily at a young age. He received help when he was older, and was clean for almost a year and a half. Nic first tried marijuana. He did it everyday and his body got immune to it so he did not receive the satisfaction he wanted anymore. He then regularly did cocaine and ecstasy. Short term effects of marijuana include dizziness, trouble thinking, difficulty understanding, and distorted perception. A long term effect is cancer. Nic went into rehab and was clean for about a year and a half. Everything was going for him. Then he met up with his old high school girlfriend. He then relapsed with her. Cocaine is very addictive, and the "High" does not last long. You can have many different moods. When the "High" is over the user can experience depression and fatigue. Ecstasy gives the user feelings of pleasure. It makes them feel more confident, and secure. The effects are increased heart rate, increase temperature, dizziness and many more negative effects. Lauren introduces him to methamphetamine. This drug ruined him. Lauren and Nic would do it every hour of every day. They met up with a guy, and started a drug dealing business. The business did not last long because they would use all the crystal meth for themselves. Nic would sell his body on the streets just so he can get money for drugs. He would sneak into his parents house and steal money and objects to sell. Crystal meth gives the user a pleasurable feeling. You can get anxiety, decreased appetite, and insomnia. Nic would just keep injecting himself with crystal meth. He was on the streets, breaking into his families vacation house to sleep there, and stealing from everyone. He had to call 911, because his friend Lauren overdosed. That did not stop them from doing drugs. Lauren's parents told them they have to clean up their lives. Nic starts going to counseling and he gets sober again. He then meets his old friend Zelda. That's when he gets high again. She had connections to famous people, so he never wanted to leave. He realized he wanted to have a real relationship, so they try to get clean. Nic sees that Zelda will never be able to get clean so he leaves her. If he doesn't go to a rehab facility, his dad would call the police. Nic then checks into a facility. Finally this rehab center changed his life forever. He now has been sober, and wrote many novels including this one. He sees that he is worth living and should not take his life for granted. He realized that his battle with drugs and alcohol was a disease. He now regained a connection with his family and old friends. If it weren't for his father he might not be alive today. His dad forced him to go into rehab facilities, and he never gave up on his son. That is why Nic is still here today. Nic did these drugs to escape from his problems. It made him feel and think that everything was ok. The reality was that nothing was ok. He also was doing heroin. Nic almost had his arm amputated because a needle he had injected into his arm carried an infection. Heroin effects the brain and nervous system. It stops the ability to feel pain. Short term effects are slurred speech, vomiting, and drowsiness. This drug gives you a quick tolerance, which means you need more to achieve the "high" you want. The effects of alcohol depend on a lot of factors such as how much is consumed, and if it is consumed with other products such as drugs. Short term effects are nausea, slurred speech, vomiting,dizziness, fatigue and aggressiveness. Recent statistics show that 24 percent of teens under the age of 18 have used methamphetamines. At least 35 percent of people the ages of 18 to 23 have used methamphetamines. Methamphetamine is commonly used because it is easy to get and it is inexpensive compared to most drugs. Over 9.2 million people in the world, have tried heroin. Over 53 percent of people have dependence on the drug. Heroin users spend close to 200 dollars a day to maintain their addiction. Every year more people die from heroin overdoses then in traffic accidents.
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